Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Gift Idea!

It is that time of year, wedding after wedding, engagement parties and showers, which also means buying lots of presents. I know the easy thing to do it to head to a registry, point, click and send, but honestly, the best gifts I received were ones not on that list. And now, I have found the PERFECT solution for something special and unique, but practical.

It is this wonderful website called and you can personalize plates for any occasion. And the plates are only $22! So a set of 4 would make a wonderful wedding gift, or even just one for a couple to use as display or a tray. I'm obsessed! Also super cute for new babies- you could easily put their birth information on it, or for bigger kids, you can personalize a placemat.

Love, love, love!


Hope said...

Omg, these are FAB!!! Where did you find these? I'm loving them and am totally going to add them to my bridal registry on!!! This is just the type of gift that I want for our new apt...THANK YOU!!

KL said...

Glad you like them! I saw the add in House Beautiful and was thrilled when I saw the awesomeness on their website. Hopefully you can create a design and add it to your registry. Good luck and if you get some, send me pics and I will do a follow-up post :)