Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogger Milestone

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome to the 100th post on Daffodil's! Ok, so maybe its only a big deal to me, but really, I am proud of myself for sticking to it and being very loyal with attempting to post every weekday. This experience has been a lot of fun and I have learned things I never expected to. Such as:

* The potential of furniture. Everywhere I go now, I can see how a piece of furniture can easily transform itself. And even though I haven't had much time to refurbish this summer, I look forward to getting back into it come fall. It is still fun to keep my brain working and imagining!

* The absolute beauty in things. I have always been a pretty optimistic person, but as I mentioned in this post, I have really started to key into specific moments. I now notice flowers and butterflies and the way the birds sing to each other. I see moments of my son and my husband and my friends and family that I used to overlook. I can capture a quick flash of emotion, even when I don't have my camera with me. I am so happy for this change of perspective (and so glad when I do catch it on camera!)

* I really, really, really love to take pictures. Growing up, my mom was a painter and try as I might, I was really bad at it. But I always wanted to be artistic. I like to think that I can see art in life through photography as my mom sees it through paint. And I know I have a long way to go, but it has quickly become my new obsession. Or maybe I am delusional and just really lucky to have a kid with big blue eyes...

* The home is a beautiful place that should be well taken care of. There are so many days when I am tired of picking up after my boys, don't feel like putting my clothes away and purposefully eat on paper plates so I don't have to do dishes...but when it comes down to it, I am happiest when there are fresh flowers on my table, the bed is made, we eat at the table on real plates and there is sunshine pouring through my windows without finger prints on them. (Ok, ok so that's not all true, fresh flowers yes, but the chances of you finding a window without a fingerprint..highly unlikely.) And as I research, read about and look at examples of beautiful homes I realize how important those little details can be. Whether they are for my own comfort, or because a put together guest room makes my guests feel more welcomed, I have been enjoying every second of learning more about my home.

* I really like it when people comment on my blog. It makes me incredibly happy to know that you enjoy reading it. Many thanks to Brittany for being my first known reader who I don't actually know :) If there are others of you out there, I would love to know you! To my friends and family who read and encourage me everyday, thanks for caring!

So tell me, what is your favorite thing about Daffodil's?? What can I change or do better? How cute is my kid? :)


Brittany said...

I'm so happy to be one of your readers! And I agree with you about the things blogging can bring out in you. Now, whenever I see a plain piece of furniture, I think of all the pretty fabrics and paints that I could cover it in!

The Velotas Family said...


The Velotas Family said...

AND Cullen is a cutie pie!!! emma and cullen will make a beautiful couple one day!!!!

Blushing Bride to Be said...

Hi Katie! I'm not sure how I came across it (probably on facebook), but I started reading your blog awhile ago and read it everyday now. I love it and it actually inspired me to start my own about planning my wedding! Hope all is well with you and your cute little family:) I also love when people comment on posts!

(Can't figure out to comment as anything other than my blog name, but this is Emily Brant:))

Elle Cay said...

you already said it but i second more refurbishing posts!