Monday, November 1, 2010

City Livin'

After 30 years of marriage and suburban living, my parents have packed up all the kids, booted us out of the house and are now moving to the city. Well, technically, they are moving to the country too, but only on weekends.... we can save that for another post, another day. My brothers and I are all very supportive of this decision, even if it means we will be having one crowded sleepover at Christmas. My 29 year old brother looks forward to Mom and Dad being right down the road from work, that means hot, free dinner for him. My 22 year old brother thinks it will be really convenient to show off his 'view' from 'his' apartment to his friends. My 19 year old brother will be able to come home for Christmas and be near his high school friends (we lived about 45 minutes from where we attended high school) and I am excited about DECORATING it!

There is something very different about a condo than a house. Particularly one that will belong to two professional empty nesters who will have a lot more time on their hands sans kids and hour and a half commutes. So I have decided there are some very specific elements they will need to personalize their new pad. Over the next week or so I'll share some ideas for their place room-by-room, starting with the guest room.

My mom is thinking they will start with twin beds in there since I do still have two brothers who don't technically have a place of their own. While twin beds usually connote little kids, there is a very grown up way to make them an inviting guest room.

1. Upholstered headboards and tailored curtains. Plus, check out the ceiling in this picture. What a great way to add serious interest to a small space!

2. Black and White graphic prints. Perfect for a city-chic guest room.

3. Shelving units. My parents are downsize by about 3000 sqare feet. That is a lot of stuff to leave behind. Shelves in a guest room create a way to keep some family momentos without making the room look too childish.

Other keys to a great guest room: plush linens, warm carpet and space to push two twin beds together for when husband and I come visit!

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... we read about it on your ma´s blog and we are already very curious what will happen. Congratulation for such an important decision!
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