Friday, November 19, 2010


Do you ever feel like everything is piling up around you? Lately, I add items to my list of things to do rather than cross them off. I am tired, a little bit grumpy and totally unmotivated. Part of it, I have realized, is that I am not very organized right now. I have been picking up extra days at work, running around after a little boy who seems to get faster everyday and thinking ahead to holiday planning rather than dealing with the everyday chores. And things are literally piling up:

And now that I am mortified that I showed these pictures to you, guess what I'll be doing this weekend? I have decided to clean out every bookshelf, every closet and every corner of the house. I am going to donate things we do not need and attempt to simplfy life around me. Hopefully a fresh, clean start will be a great way to get organized before we are in and out of town for the next six weeks!

*Disclaimer, if you know me well, or have ever been to my house, you can vouch that on normal days, I really do not live this way!

Have a great weekend, think of me under my piles while you are doing something fun!


Martha said...

We'll be doing a massive purge of each room as well! I've designated a different weekend for different rooms until moving day :)

Laura S. said...

I like it...a fall cleaning & purging!

fittingbackin said...

I could take the same pictures, girl - our bedroom is a disaster - every chair, chaise and surface covered in clothes and just junk!!

Thanks for the idea on spicy turkey sausage - LOVE - going to try that next time (which will probably be soon - great cold weather dish). :)

I'm kind of glad too - I need a football break!