Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Of course this week is all about things we to be Thankful for, and today, I am thankful for leaves.
In a world that pushes toys that light up and make noise, dvds that teach babies to read and learning tools that only seem acceptable if deemed educational by Parents magazine, I am incredibly, wonderfully, thankful for leaves.

When I was a kid, my entire back yard was surround by trees. My brothers, neighborhood friends and I would rake all the leaves down to the bottom of the hill, right under the deck until the leaf pile was as tall as us. Then, we would climb 10 feet up on the latice I'm pretty sure my mom put up for asthetics, not for a ladder, and jump off the deck, into the leaves. Was it safe? Absolutely not. Was it educational? If you consider learning teamwork, cooperation and a certain level of physics in just how many leaves it would take to break the jump from the deck, then yes, we learned a lot. Is a better memory then whatever latest, greatest toy I got for Christmas those years? You bet ya.

So yesterday afternoon, Baby Boy and I were playing outside like we do everyday, and I noticed I had just enough dogwood leaves to make into a pile. And it didn't come with instructions, and there were no buttons to push and there is no TV show that supplements playing in the leaves, but Cullen knew exactly what to do. And loved it. And so I am thankful leaves and the sheer joy that they bring.

What simple pleasure are you thankful for?


MarmePurl said...

I am thankful so see my daughter Loving Motherhood SO much!

fittingbackin said...

Love it - what a sweet boy with his pup. And you're so right about the simple things - I remember my outside time, scavenger hunts, nature walks, and playing by the creek far more than toys too!