Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Re-Cap

Good Monday Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break. Admittedly, I get a little stressed out around the holidays, my husband and my families live very close together and I always feel like we aren't spending enough time with either family (since there is never a 'we'll go here this time' clear division). However, this Thanksgiving was incredibly wonderful, everything just seemed to work out. Don't you love that?

We spent Wednesday night-Friday morning with Kev's family at his sister's house in Harrisonburg, VA. Cullen had a ball playing with his two cousins, grandparents and 4 aunts and uncles. It was a relaxing day in the country, complete with a view, horses, Indians and 'the twins' aka, Cullen and his cousin Owen who are 3 days apart. My sister and brother in law have a beautiful, inviting house and they had the entire visit so easy going. We are very Thankful for their hospitality and how lucky C is to have cousins close in age.

The view from Kyle and Pete's front porch

Pete, Cullen, Kev, Brooks, Owen, Mike and 'Pop'

A little sand with your mountain view?

Running through the yard with Aunt Kate, cousin Brooks and Frankie

The neighbor's horse

The girls: Kate, me, 'Nana' and Kyle

Morning cousin parade around Nana

Friday morning, we took off to my parents new condo in the city. It was the exact opposite of our time in Harrisonburg. It was the first time I have seen their condo in person and although it is a far cry from the large house they just moved from, we all fit just fine. From every window, you can see the skyline of DC, even the White House! It is pretty incredible. The other big opposite at my parents is that I am the only married kid with kids of my own, so even though there are no cousins to play with, C gets some serious attention from his grandparents and uncles. Friday afternoon we all settled down to watch Auburn to come back from a 24 point deficit to win the Iron Bowl against Alabama. My sweet mom even squeezed Thanksgiving dinner into halftime- she is a good sport. Friday night, husband and I headed into Old Towne to meet some friends for drinks and I got to see two of my favorite people ever. I am very thankful for the fact that I am so close to many of my friends from high school. Saturday morning, we headed to the National Zoo and you can imagine how happy that made my little man. And if you aren't tired of hearing it yet, I love that my parents are so close to the city now!!

C and Uncle JoJo watching the game

My dearests Cate and Laura

C and I checking out the elephants at the zoo

C and Uncle Bum

Marme and Grandpa with C

And if you just made it through this very long post- two points for you!

How was your Thanksgiving? Anyone else getting out Christmas decorations this week??

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fittingbackin said...

I made it through - what a beautiful holiday! Love that you got to see both sides of the family, have long visits and that C had cousin fun on one side but then tons of attention + zoo on the other - lucky boy! Great pictures - both views sound AWESOME. Happy t-giving! Mine was great - total home bound staycation with Austin and the pups!