Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Are you sick of those 3 words yet? I am definitely getting close. Yesterday morning, all I wanted from the news was the weather but every channel I flipped to was talking about the wedding. Yes, it will be beautiful and extravagant, and I do want to see Kate's dress, but I think our media has gone a little overboard with the coverage. However, I am curious to see what you think, so leave your vote in the comments section!

The Royal Wedding makes me:

A) Really excited! I am waking up at 4am and wearing a feathered hat.

B) Interested, but will catch the highlights on E and might still rock a feathered hat simply because it would be acceptable.

C) Won't tune in at all, but will flip through a magazine at the grocery store next week, feathered hat definitely out.

D) Stopped caring about anything the British do after we won the Revolutionary War.


Sue said...

Kate if you are sick of the Royal Wedding try living in the UK!! I would be a B

ann's daughter said...

A! Except that I'm too tired to wake up at 4am, so thank heavens for DVR.

farmgirl in the making said...

I'm a friend of your moms and was thinking of posting the same thing! Enough all ready and let the girl get married :)

Elle Cay said...

i dont think there's enough coverage.

E) hopping a plane and sneaking into westminster abbey

Tyler said...

I am trying to find a sweet hat to wear tomorrow but a tiara just may have to suffice. I doubt I'll be getting up at 4 am since I have class tonight, but I'll be rocking party wear tomorrow to work! My kiddos will LOVE it!

Brittany said...

I have to admit I was an A!