Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Morning Convo

Me: (anxiously flipping through channels) UGH, I don't want to watch these cars processing to the palace, I just want to see the highlights!

Husband: What exactly are 'the highlights'?

Cullen: Mommy, no, choo-choo show!

Me: You know, the dress, the 'I do's", the crazy British hats, the look of jealousy of Prince Harry's girlfriend's face...

Cullen: Choo-choo show, choo-choo show, choo-choo show

Husband: Really?

Thanks for the votes yesterday, it seems like everyone was going to watch in their own way. The 4 and a half minutes my boys allowed me was definitely worth it. And made me wish Americans could rock crazy hats. Loved it!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Are you sick of those 3 words yet? I am definitely getting close. Yesterday morning, all I wanted from the news was the weather but every channel I flipped to was talking about the wedding. Yes, it will be beautiful and extravagant, and I do want to see Kate's dress, but I think our media has gone a little overboard with the coverage. However, I am curious to see what you think, so leave your vote in the comments section!

The Royal Wedding makes me:

A) Really excited! I am waking up at 4am and wearing a feathered hat.

B) Interested, but will catch the highlights on E and might still rock a feathered hat simply because it would be acceptable.

C) Won't tune in at all, but will flip through a magazine at the grocery store next week, feathered hat definitely out.

D) Stopped caring about anything the British do after we won the Revolutionary War.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Boys

Do you know how hard it is to find affordable cute stuff for boys? Unless you want to put a toddler in a shirt with a skull and a guitar on it that says "Chicks dig me", or think the only decor suitable for a boy's room is Toy Story, Thomas, Super Heroes or Cars, you are out of luck. Seriously, have you ever looked at the difference between the girl's section and boy's section in a store? It is ridiculous, and frustrating for a mom who needs to shop.

My latest issue is coming with the transformation from baby room to big room that we are currently working on. I spent all afternoon last Friday searching for bedding for C's new big boy bed. What I had in mind was pretty simple, a fluffy duvet with a green/white or yellow/white stripe. I wasn't even feeling picky about the stripe, it could have been seersucker thin or two inches wide. I went to Wal-Mart, Target, Homegoods, Bed, Bath and Beyond, JcPenny and Kohl's. I also looked online at Pottery Barn. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. And when I say nothing, I mean not even close. Toward the end of my search, I would have settled for a nice white comforter and couldn't even find that! At every store there seemed to be aisles of options for little girls, then one little corner with boy's stuff: red and blue plaid or Disney characters. Granted C loves Thomas the Train, but do I want his room outfitted in it? In all honesty, I would get tired of looking at it! I want his room to be a peaceful place that can grow with him, not one over stimulated by commercialized sheets. How is a little kid supposed to calm down and go to sleep if Buzz Lightyear is jumping off his blanket?

So my search continues, and hopefully I will find something soon because I spent yesterday morning painting C's new big boy bed and I am so excited to get his room all set up (pics to come, it is really cute!). We want him to get used to it before baby comes so that when we move, it will be comforting and familiar to him. Any suggestions on where else to look?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

C-Monday/Easter Weekend

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. This was the first holiday in our married life husband and I have not been with our extended family. We spent last week going back and forth about traveling to VA to be with our parents and siblings, but in the end, realized we really, really needed a break and just some time together. So while we definitely missed our families, we were thrilled to start some Easter traditions of our own.

We started Saturday evening by dying Easter eggs.
I did not read the instructions beforehand which clearly state you shouldn't use your hands to do this. C still has green fingernails. My bad dude.
Sunday morning we hopped (pun intended) to it and made it to 9am mass. Here are my handsomes:
And all 3 of us with the self timed camera. Coordination was not purposeful, but I think we look pretty cute:
The Easter Bunny was a little late (and tired and pregnant Saturday night) so didn't get around to hiding eggs and making a basket until later in the day Sunday. Luckily, C isn't old enough to know the difference and was still super excited about it all.

The last 2 years, we have hosted both our families and I have made a serious Easter Brunch. This year, it was a little sad to only set the table for 3 and I kept the menu super simple, but I used the china nonetheless. Clearly C didn't appreciate my bacon making skills.
Don't you love flowers in mason jars? So pretty.
After the entire family took afternoon naps, we spent the rest of the day outside. My boys mowed the lawn:
Have you ever seen anything so cute? I didn't think so.
Cullen spent some time in his fort, but apparently, has now changed it to his 'jungle'. In this picture he is telling me all about it. It went something like this, "Mommy, um um jungle, sebra, tiger, gators, gee-afee, and um um um, Riiiiiiiiiiiioooon!" Which translates to, "Mommy, in my jungle there are zebras, tigers, alligators, giraffes and LIONS!"
And with a final game of chase, we took a sweet boy inside for the night. He was so tired by the end of the day, he tried to crawl into bed naked after his bath. In mommy-world, that is a seriously successful day.
How was your Easter?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

I have a rare morning off today and lots to do, so I am going to leave you with a few quick pics of Cullen at his first Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. Then I'm taking a long weekend to spend some time with my sweet little family and celebrate the hope and renewal that comes with Easter.

PS- Gardening 101: Pruning rose bushes really works. Only took me 3 springs to figure that out.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Unpainted Bedroom

Even though there are a million things I should be doing in prepartion of baby's arrivial and moving, the only thing that is really on my mind is how I want to decorate our new house. Painting walls is usually my first design element, but since we will be living on post, I have to deal with 2 years of Army-beige throughout the house. So my recent decor research is all about how to add color to a neutral walled room, particulary our master bedroom.

Colorful lamps, bold curtains and a fun rug:
A very neutral room all around, but its soothing and perhaps what we will need to retreat to after a long day with 2 little ones! Love the bedding:

Something like this feels very California. Maybe I should just stick to bright whites with a few accents here and there. Notice the colored lamps again, and big artwork seems to help too!
I don't like the color scheme here, but its a good example of how to add color:
Another 'embracing the neutral' room:
I've posted this room before and still just love it. Love the art, rug, lamps, bedding, it all. This could be my inspiration room for sure.
Do you like painted or neutral walls? I am looking forward to the challenge of decorating without paint!

*Images from House Beautiful, Southern Living and Coastal Living


Cullen's interest in animals in reemerging. In this case, his lion kept sneaking up on the penguin and saying "Roar! wake up! wake up!". Toddler imaginations are awesome. A 33 week preggo, just in case you were wondering. The real scenery is Renyolda Gardens, where we spent Sunday afternoon. Love. C's new favorite way of standing.It cracks me up. So big! How was your weekend?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Away Party/Baby Shower

This weekend, we were very blessed to have our friend Katie throw us the nicest shower and party. She didn't leave a single detail overlooked and we had a wonderful Saturday night with all our friends.

She decorated the windows and had an amazing dessert table: Candies, gumballs and baby onsie cookies! Pink lemonade cupcakes, yum: How cute are these cupcake push-pops? Perfect for a party favor! You can visit Katie's etsy site to purchase the casings, she bought them in Italty and they are nearly impossible to find around here. Candy 'drinks' for all our preggo friends! The whole room:
Another close up of the sweets.
Drink station:
Cullen and his cupcake with Katie: All the girls (Poor boys didn't get a group picture again...we always leave them out!) Me and the hostess! Thanks Katie!

If you are in the need of any party planning, you can contact Katie at, or visit her etsy shop for decorations, invitations, gifts and those cute mini cupcake push pops. In the meantime, you should go like 'Saving Dates' on facebook so she knows what a great job she did!

Thanks to all our friends for the baby books and gifts, we are going to miss our Winston family so much!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Party

On my list of 10 for 10 weeks is the desire to have an outdoor dinner party. I became fascinated with the idea when I read this post from Storywood. Amazing right? What a unique way to make your loved ones feel special. Linens in the garden? Candles? Fancy Chairs? Love it all. I attempted to replicate it a bit for husband's birthday, but my preggo behind was unable to drag table and chairs outside to make it really special. But don't you just love this idea? Especially this time of year before it gets too hot and the mosquitos come out? Must find time to make it happen. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winston Bucket List

Now that the decision to move out west is made, there are certain things I want to make sure we do before leaving North Carolina. With inspiration from Kate's 30 Before 30 List, here is my NC 10 for 10 Weeks List:

1. Take Cullen to the trains in Spencer

2. Visit Ashville/The Biltmore

3. Stock up on fabric and furniture (assuming it is going to be more expensive in Cali)

4. Go to Furbish in Raleigh

5. Eat Lexington BBQ

6. Have a (or few) draft Red Oaks outside at First Street (clearly this will have to happen in the final week, but for real, I am looking forward to it)

7. Go to the zoo

8. Spend time with all our wonderful Winston friends

9. Set the a table up in the yard for a night time dinner party (I have a whole post on that waiting to be published)

10. Soak up everyday with tempatures above 80 because the temps in Monterey average between 60-75 all year. I'll miss you blazing, humid, NC sun. I really will.

Anything else I should add to this list?

California Here We Come!

As I alluded to yesterday, we have finally made our decision on where to move next: Monterey, here come the Larrabee's!

The final choice came down to The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey or Virginia Tech and after a drive-through and some meetings in Blacksburg last Friday, we decided, without any reservations, that NPS was the best fit for us. Although it is going to be incredibly far away from family and everything familiar to us, we can't wait for the opportunity for this kind of adventure. We figured we will be able to see and do things that we otherwise never would, we are looking forward to living on post and being part of the military family and the program itself is best fit Kev's learning style and will best prepare him for his next position in the Army.

So the plan for now is to pray that the baby decides to come a little (healthily) early and to move out of our house in Winston around the 20th of June. From there, the kids and I will head to Luray and set up shop at my parents' farm while Kev treks cross country in my Yukon to sign in, get our house and homegoods delivered and figure out his class schedule. Meanwhile, Cullen, baby and I will be able to have a little extra help from family for a few weeks, plus give all our east coast people a chance to meet baby. Then, once the little one is about 6 weeks old, we will fly to California to be reunited as a family. So the next 2-3 months will be a little crazy, but I am honestly so at peace with the decision and can't wait to experience something so different from what I am used to. Plus, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to look at this everyday: And of course, visitors will always be welcome!