Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The End

Eventually the best week ever had to end, but not before we packed in several more things.

Like Sea World

 And a walk through the Hotel Del. The plan was to also stop have a drink, but unfortunately, it was very crowded and the big grassy area between the bar and the beach is off limits. Try explaining that to two little boys. But I am glad we at least saw it.
 So instead it was more beach time.

Bennett is so unafraid of the ocean, we often refer to him as a sea turtle since soon as you take him out of the water, he turns around to try and go back in. This week, Cullen shortened it to "Sea Turt", which sounded more like "Sea Turd" and ended up being his latest nickname. I realize we shouldn't call our kid a Turd, but when he is determined to dive into the Pacific and I just want to lay on a towel with a cold beer and a book, it is pretty spot on.
 We love you, Sea Turd.
 The last night, we enjoyed the sunset from the balcony
 And I decided to get into a picture. Thanks for the sweet faces, boys.
 Then we put the boys to bed, opened another a bottle of wine and ordered dinner from a nice resturant in Coronado using the services Waiters To Go (hey, we will do anything for a date, even if its from our hotel room) and reflected on the perfect week we had.

Friday was a verrrry long 8 hour push home.
And by then, it was good to be back.

Thanks for putting up with me sharing every detail of this trip- it is one we want to remember forever!


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

HA! Wait it's wrong to call a kid a turd? I do call Norman a turd all the time, butttttt..... I'm guess he has no idea what that means so it's ok. LOL xoxo

Courtney said...

I'm playing catch up this week---love all your pictures!! Looks like an amazing time!

Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up with the good work! :)


AECPARKS said...

Sea Turd just made me laugh outloud at my desk - thank you for that! I am impressed that the little man enjoyed the Pacific that much - it's cold!

Jenn said...

Well if he's not the cutest sea turd I've ever seen! And I LOVE the pic of C buried in the sand. That boy has the greatest smile.

Katie said...

Every detail of this vacation sounded absolutely amazing. I'm so glad you all had such a fabulous time and I will attempt, I'm a tad bit jelly belly of your trip! I have so many favorite pictures that I can't even begin to comment on all of them!

WhisperingWriter said...

Sea World rocks. And you have the cutest kids!

Janna Renee said...

I love Sea World!!

stephanie said...

Sea world looks so fun!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Dont you hate when good things come to a end. At least you have the wonderful memories and pictures to look back on.

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Ha that was hilarious, little sea turd. What a great trip!

Shannon said...

I really really hope "Sea Turd" sticks.

Even better than "Boner" from Growing Pains.

Great photos again. :)

marie said...

You are so cute in your dress at SeaWorld. I love Shamu, there is something so truly amazing and awesome about a creature that huge!

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your pics!! your boys are soo cute!!

Love Nyt,
BIG hair LOUD mouth

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Omg these are awesome memoriesM

Janet Mandell said...

Awww your sons are so sweet and so cute!!! Dont you love this age??? We are going on our first family trip as a 4some and I cant wait!!!

Thanks for sharing really put a smile on my face

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