Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I Never Expected to Say, Part 5

Tuesday always seems like a good day for a laugh, isn't it? 
So, let's have a look at the phrases being thrown around this house lately.

 (And a little change up from usual, because C is the one uttering hilarious statements so often, anything that he said will be in quotes. I realize the title doesn't match up now, but I know you recognize the name of the series, so I am just going to keep it the way it is. Is that too much info and you are already reading about B being a baby meat head? Ok then, carry on.)

Honest to God, I think Bennett is a baby meat head.
Here he is hitting himself in the teeth with a wooden baseball bat and dying laughing.
That can't be normal, right?
I want a Molly Maid for Christmas, just once, so I can come home and the house be magically cleaned.

Text from a friend: This debate is getting crazy.
Me: What debate? I'm watching A Bug's Life.

Me: Did you find your shoes?
Cullen: I found a tennis ball and a whistle, is that good?
Me: No.

No licking Mommy.

Of course you can eat take-out pizza on the floor, while watching TV.

"I think you needs ta call the doctor about the paper I was just eating upstairs."

Bennett says "ball" and "more" with no problem. I think he is deliberately not saying "Mama" because clearly he can make the right sounds.

"Hey Mommy, did you know that toddlers are just baby-big-boys?"

Can you go check on the pooping situation? It sounds like a duel effort and I'm not sure it should be.

Don't wipe your snot on Bubs, that's gross.

"Mommy, you are our favorite babysitter." {Thanks.}

I channeled my mother, circa 1992 today. It was weird.

"Bubs, can you please go away? I'm having quiet time." {Cullen announced this while pooping. I overheard it from the kitchen and almost spit out my coffee. Such a boy!}

Ewww Lion Drool!

The ax is not for chopping your brother down, it is for saving people from fires.

"Hey Mommy, did you know my pee-pee is kinda like a drain?"

We should start callling Bubs 'Les Miles'. He palm claps, eats grass and is a little bit nuts. It's perfect. {Update: Aren't familiar with the Les Miles palm Clap? Click here}

Why did you stamp your face?
 Why did you stamp your brother's face? Stamps are for paper only.

Why does it take 2 hours to clean the house, but 3.7 seconds for them to destroy it? Not cool.

Sometimes I think funny things in my head, and then have to find a way to say them so I can write it on the blog. {Like you've never done this before.}

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Katie said...

Only Cullen can make me laugh out loud uncontrollably before 9am. "I found a tennis ball and whistle, is that good?" Seriously....bahahahaha!!! I want to come over and play at your house!

Sarah said...

haha, so my life yesterday! Something I never thought I would say...Colton don't eat your shoes! That lion drinking fountain..totally weird!

Mrs.B said...


I loved the "you are our favorite babysitter"

kids say the funniest things!

Maggie said...

Love this! So hilarious and your boys are super cute! :)

Mad Max and Family said...

Haha! So cute. Max JUST started saying more (and more and more) words. It's so cute. I should bite my tongue though.

I can't get over his blonde hair! Love.



Erin said...

One of my recent ones:
Ethan: Mommy, can I draw a mustache on you?
Me: ... Okay.

Also, I asked Ethan a bunch of those "you should ask your kids these questions" questions, and when I asked what cartoon character he thinks I'm most like, he said Michael. As in Scott.

eas said...

These are my fave posts. Is eating pizza on floor during tv wrong. Uh oh.

Jess said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Thanks for the laughs :) This so makes me excited for Cameron to start talking (in a year)! Haha :) xo

Shannon said...

Bahahahaha - Cullen is hilarious. More C quotes, plz.

Kristin said...

Hahaha! Love it! I really need to start writing down the things Leah is saying these days!

Krysta said...

Great post and cutie pie kids!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Haha, soo cute! Love the funny things those boys say!

Molly said...

Your kids are so adorable! "I think you needs ta call the doctor about the paper I was just eating upstairs" I die! So funny!

KatyK said...

Oh my goodness this is too funny!

I don't know how you manage with two. I only have one girl and somedays I lie and say I have to go #2 just so I can be in the bathroom alone for 5mins.

Stopped over from the link up, your boys are TOO cute!

Emily | Recently said...

Lol on the Les Miles comment! Truth. And yes, one of my wishes is for my house to stay clean for at least an hour. I'll keep dreaming.

Heather said...

LOL, I love reading these posts!

Jen said...

Haha these posts are awesome. I absolutely love that first picture.

Mirella said...

So hilarious and your boys are so cute!

Megan {Red Door Farmhouse} said...

Love these posts! So priceless!

Cynthia said...

Ha! I LOVE when you do this series. Seriously, those kids of yours...so sweet and so funny!

"Bubs, can you give me some privacy?"

Hilarious. Hope you are well!

Leigh said...

i was laughing so hard while I was reading this. I feel all of those...especially the potty ones. Kids are so gross...and helpful.

Mirella said...

I made a facebookpage, I hope you will follow me


Megan B.B. said...

Hahahahaha. I love these quotes!
Especially, "no licking Mommy"
I say that ALL THE TIME!

Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to read more!
Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

lauren jean allece said...

Tennis ball and a whistle... Life's necessities. Forget shoes.

Cheryl Enlow said...

Oh my gosh all of these are awesome! What a ham :)

Stopping by from the link up. You have a new follower.


Nicole said...

Such is a life with boys! Good luck gal!

Ashley said...

I'm dying over here this is hilarious!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

hahaha! "baby-big-boys" I love it. :)

There's a lot of funny stuff happening at your house! I'd like to be a fly on the wall! ;)

Jenn said...

I love your children. Can we swap for a week or two?

Lauren said...

love the "baby big boys" comment...your kids crack me up!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I really needed a good laugh today, I can always count on you and your boys!!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

HAHAHAHA HOLY MOLY, dying laughing over here - I don't even know where to begin!!!! The bat-teeth-smacking-laughing picture is hilarious, especially picturing it happening in real life. Dual effort pooping situation... stamps are for paper only... OMG - ha!

Thank you for linking up with us!!

Kerry said...

You are just adorable Kate and I can see why your boys are as sweet and as funny as they are :)
I love this, all of the things you guys have been saying is just too cute!!

Ashley said...

"Toddlers are just baby-big-boys" had me laughing out loud! You've got to be entertained just about 24/7 with those adorable boys of yours! Oh... and the face stamping... they kill me.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love this series kate and it only makes me realize the things i have coming to me whenever sean and i have kids. keep 'em coming!!

marie said...

I love all of it, so funny and true. I haven't been watching the debates because 1. we have no T.V. and 2. they make me way too nervous, I want my man to win and I want it over, I don't do well under stress.

Although I did see about 10 minutes of the 2nd one at my moms house, it was actually pretty good.