Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

If you thought the cuteness of Monday's costume post was too much to handle, then you should look away now, because on Halloween night, we introduced:

A Fireman and His Dalmatian. 
I know. I know. Have you ever seen such a thing?

Soon as the boys were in costume, the only obvious thing to do was to take them to the fire station up the street. (This is the obvious thing, right?) And luckily, the firemen were happy to let them in, show them their versions of C's costume and let the boys climb in the firetruck. 
 A million thanks to our fire department for making my boys' day!

After a bowl of chili, it was time for trick or treating. 
Luckily, we ran into Cullen and Bennett's friends right outside our door and the kids were able to run up to houses together.
Two boys surveying the land for the best candy, or fires, you never know.
 Cutest Dalmatian in California, possibly the world.
 Baby Soph (jury is out on how old she is going to be when we finally stop calling her 'Baby Soph') came along for her first Halloween ride.
 Wait, Mommy, why won't you leave the bucket of candy in the wagon?
There is so much goodness in this bucket, there is no reason to take me away from it.
 O, there is more candy over there too? 

Dalmatian, OUT.

Quick rewind to Tuesday morning:

We had the neighborhood kids over to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and decorate Halloween cookies.
 Just thought these pictures were worth sharing!
 Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I Never Expected to Say, Part 5

Tuesday always seems like a good day for a laugh, isn't it? 
So, let's have a look at the phrases being thrown around this house lately.

 (And a little change up from usual, because C is the one uttering hilarious statements so often, anything that he said will be in quotes. I realize the title doesn't match up now, but I know you recognize the name of the series, so I am just going to keep it the way it is. Is that too much info and you are already reading about B being a baby meat head? Ok then, carry on.)

Honest to God, I think Bennett is a baby meat head.
Here he is hitting himself in the teeth with a wooden baseball bat and dying laughing.
That can't be normal, right?
I want a Molly Maid for Christmas, just once, so I can come home and the house be magically cleaned.

Text from a friend: This debate is getting crazy.
Me: What debate? I'm watching A Bug's Life.

Me: Did you find your shoes?
Cullen: I found a tennis ball and a whistle, is that good?
Me: No.

No licking Mommy.

Of course you can eat take-out pizza on the floor, while watching TV.

"I think you needs ta call the doctor about the paper I was just eating upstairs."

Bennett says "ball" and "more" with no problem. I think he is deliberately not saying "Mama" because clearly he can make the right sounds.

"Hey Mommy, did you know that toddlers are just baby-big-boys?"

Can you go check on the pooping situation? It sounds like a duel effort and I'm not sure it should be.

Don't wipe your snot on Bubs, that's gross.

"Mommy, you are our favorite babysitter." {Thanks.}

I channeled my mother, circa 1992 today. It was weird.

"Bubs, can you please go away? I'm having quiet time." {Cullen announced this while pooping. I overheard it from the kitchen and almost spit out my coffee. Such a boy!}

Ewww Lion Drool!

The ax is not for chopping your brother down, it is for saving people from fires.

"Hey Mommy, did you know my pee-pee is kinda like a drain?"

We should start callling Bubs 'Les Miles'. He palm claps, eats grass and is a little bit nuts. It's perfect. {Update: Aren't familiar with the Les Miles palm Clap? Click here}

Why did you stamp your face?
 Why did you stamp your brother's face? Stamps are for paper only.

Why does it take 2 hours to clean the house, but 3.7 seconds for them to destroy it? Not cool.

Sometimes I think funny things in my head, and then have to find a way to say them so I can write it on the blog. {Like you've never done this before.}

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Update: Halloween Party, Tailgate, and a Corn Maze

I'm not sure if you are ready for this picture. 

So we are just going to dive right in

Friday night we went on post for Happy Hour and a Halloween party. B rocked C's costume from when he was that age because I am a slacker-mom and hadn't bought him a new one yet. 

Couldn't be more grateful for my laziness.

Meanwhile, C had fun at the party winning prizes from our friend, Ms. Caitlin
On Saturday, we had a 'the biggest cocktail party in our neighborhood' since none of us could be east for the Biggest Cocktail Party in the South.

How awesome is this set up?

You can visit my friend Jenny's blog for more pictures from the party.
All the pretty ladies.
Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Earthbound Farms with our friends Cassie and Drew to do the corn maze with the kids.

 Want to see this picture last year? Click here. How did they get so big, so fast?

And a family photo fail.
As always, it was a wonderful weekend and I can't believe it was the last one in October. Time is flying by!

How was your weekend? 

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charli!

A few weeks ago, I solicited you all for help to grow my photography business and my friend Traci was the first to believe in my abilities and allow me to take Halloween pictures of her sweet baby girl, Charli.

I had so much fun taking pictures of sweet Charli and her beautiful Momma, and I thank them for the opportunity to do so. 

Here are some of our favorites from the shoot:

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