Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I haven't Been Blogging

My camera broke. Well that, and we have been busy.

A quick recap:
We stayed with my in-laws this week, but since everyone works during the day, the boys and I have been going on our own adventures during the day.

Monday: Visited with my Oma and Opa (another set of great grandparents for my boys) and then watched the boys convince my mom to buy a large amount of things at the toy store. Returned to my inlaws in the evening for dinner.
The boys' new Playmobile Farm house (I didn't take pictures of the lacrosse sticks, coloring books, police figures, horse trailer and jeep...)
Tuesday: Went to my grade school, where my grandma still works. Saw some old teachers and then went to breakfast with my cousin and her two girls at the same diner where Grandma used to take us as kids. Special day, no pictures :( We spent the afternoon with Kev's dad who had the day off. C had Scott play every activity in their house, he is such a trooper!

Wednesday: Took the boys to the National Zoo with my mom.

Thursday: Brought the boys back up to Alexandria and then watched them leave with my mom for two days out to the farm. This is only the second time I have left B and it feels weird! But I was extremely grateful for the quiet time Thursday afternoon and a date with Kev last night. He surprised me with an early Christmas gift. 
He's kind of amazing, isn't he? I have already talked to my mom this morning and she and the boys are having a blast. 

Today: I have two photo shoots (with my new camera!) and one is my first official blate with the lovely Elizabeth from Who's Excited?. Then tonight we are having our once a year trip to the bars with all my high school friends and other friends in the area.

How was your week?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday Thanksgiving at The Farm

Again, a lot of pictures and a few words here and there.
 Enjoy, they are some good ones.

Grandma and Grandpa Ray with all but 3 of the cousins. This many of us hadn't been together in a really long time. Grandma has 16 grandchildren ages 31-2 and 4 great grandchildren.
The playhouse

 Football and a view (there many or may not have been a brother on a dirtbike at the bottom of that hill attempting to catch the ball).
Trying to convince Grandma and Ray to come to Monterey for a visit.

 My sweet niece-cousin (my cousin's daughter) Bridget.
 Giving our Thanks.
(He deserves punctuation.)

 Barn. Autumn sun.
(Also deserving of punctuation.)
 Cousin Jack, Niece-Cousin Bridge, Cousin Caroline, Niece-Cousin-Goddaughter Gracie
 Oldest Cousin JoJo, Youngest Great-grandchild Bennett, Youngest of my mom's 7 siblings Uncle Chuck
Caroline, Melissa, Brady, Uncle Chuck, Jack
 Cullen's Happy Place
Why I am never in the picture
 Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Dave, Tyler, Scott, Sandy

 My family
 Kathleen and Uncle Bummy
 Grandpa Ray (love this portrait so much)
 Amanda (with daughters Gracie and Bridget), Marcus, Lucas, Aunt Marie, Matt, Uncle Carlos
 Mountain Sunset
 'Merica (again)
One more group shot
So blessed.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving, Part I

Just so you know, the next two weeks of posts will be a lot of pictures (not a lot of extra time for words), but I know that is all you are here for, so I think we will be okay, right?

 Here we are the day after our long, long trip home. My boys were throwing toys at my mom and laughing hysterically. I think we were all a little punch drunk tired.
 On Wednesday, we headed down to Kev's sister Kyle's house for 3 days. She and Pete also have two boys and we all had a blast hanging out.
Cullen and Owen, born 2 days apart!

Kev's Mom Deb, B, Kev, Kyle, Kev's Dad Scott, Kev's little brother Mike

 Kyle and Pete's 17 year old foster son, Dmitriy spending some quality time with Bubs.

Brooks, Pop and Owen

 And then on Saturday, we went up to my mom's farm and this many people that are related to me came:
17 million pictures about that on Tuesday. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!

 (I promise to be by your blogs soon, I haven't read hardly anything in a week and will catch up over the next few days.)