Monday, March 15, 2010

The First Project!

It started with:
-a $20 bamboo chair from Goodwill. It was quite scratched up, had a metal bar instead of bamboo leg in the middle and smelled a bit like old Chinese food, but I could see some potential!

First, I sanded the chair down. The stain that was on it was a pretty color, but actually really sticky. It look a lot of patience, but gave me a smooth frame to work with. Then, I spray painted it white. Did you know there is a muscle in the arm that can get sore from spray painting? I need to get to the Y more often...

Then, it was to my dining room table (I am lacking in work space...) to reupholster the seat cushion. Staple gun? Check. Pliers? Check. Scissors? Check.
Fabulous Fabric? Check!

The first cushion I made had blue pipping with pink roses- I decided I didn't like it.

So, it was a bit harder to match the pattern and make the damask work, but the finished result looks much better!

Check out the gorgeous details of the original woodwork...

It will be up for sale tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!

PS- Not sure if colored bamboo works for you? Check out these styles

Also, thanks to Karen Gray for the beautiful pink damask fabric!

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