Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daffodil's Takes a Trip to NYC

Hello Daffodil fans. What Katie said is true: There are now guest bloggers… We are her friends… and we are much cooler than she is. Now I know you all are used to seeing wonderful and creative home designs here, but I'm a renter. So, no insights here on that subject…

In terms of spring fashion, as a Manhattan resident and a player in the world of advertising, creativity is a must in my daily wardrobe.

Some people may be surprised to know ad agencies have a casual dress code. Sorry MadMen fans, but you won’t find suits and pantyhose walking around my building. On the contrary martinis are definitely still an industry staple – as we have in-office happy hours weekly. Even with the casual-code, simply wearing jeans and a dress-top is unacceptable. Flashy pumps, obnoxious jewelry and loud clothing are standard. And now that we’re out of the winter season we can again begin incorporating color back into our wardrobes.

NY Mag

Now if I was to sum up NYC’s style in three words it would be “pushing the limits.” Although, through this philosophy I’ve learned that there’s a very thin line between trend-setting and just plain weird. For example, neon’s are big this spring right?

My own personal collection

There are way too many “new spring trends,” all different depending on what magazine you read. So my one contribution to what spring is all about for 2010 is the color, or lack thereof, nude. I’m sure this will be interpreted inappropriately by many insecure celebs and everyday whores. But, here’s a classy example:

Even though spring is all about florals, pastels, hope, bunnies and all that crap, I’m sure the majority of my wardrobe will revolve around the ever- dismal, always-cool – black. Because, let’s be real, the “new black” is always black.

NY Mag

You may think what I’m about to say is inappropriate because it promotes poor body image and un-realistic ideals. But, that’s only because ugly people have been able to contribute to the media. No matter what the season is, know that there are 3 things that are ALWAYS in-style in NY: Tall. Young. Thin.

NY Mag

But, for the rest of us there are 6 inch heels, wrinkle creams and spanx.



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