Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Want (Be)For Christmas

Is a shimmery skirt!
The other day, I was wasting time photo stalking on facebook when I came across pictures from my dear friend LA's Christmas shower where she was rocking a sequenced mini in the most classy way.

LA is one of those really fabulous people who looks completely and awesomely put together in every situation. When we were roommates in college, I used to sit on her bed and creepily watch her get ready because it fascinated me. She literally rearranged my outfit for me every Friday night. And even though I don't have her knack for style, nor will my lip gloss ever stay on for more than 5 minutes or my hair be voluminous, a girl can dream right?

So now I am thinking I need a fun skirt to make look grown up with black accessories.

Like LA's version from jcrew:
Or this very versatile one (one sale!) at Ann Taylor Loft:
A pink-hued sparkler from Banana:
A pleated version from Urban Outfitters: Or the cheap one from Forever 21:
What's your favorite holiday accessory? I can't get enough sparkle! Thanks for the inspiration LA!

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fittingbackin said...

OMG I ALWAYS say that about her! Every time we get to an AU tailgate Austin's like, "you love her outfit don't you?" hehe Great pic of her and i'm loving the shiny skirts, too. :) Nice round up, girl!