Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Back

Hi Friends! Hope you had a great week and enjoyed my guest bloggers! Please be sure to visit Alysa, Martha and Kelly to tell them just how awesome they are. Thanks for your help girls!

So...where have I been? Husband and I had grand plans of catching a military hopper flight over to Europe and spending a few romantic days in Paris and Germany while Baby Boy hung with his grandparents in DC. We did not make it... you can read more about why not at Three Little Army Wives. After deciding to give up our hopes of Europe, but not wanting to forgo our little vacation, husband and I checked in to the Gaylord National Hotel (DC's version Opryland) and started on plan C/D/F. Refusing to let the flight situation get us down, we enjoyed sitting on our balcony overlooking the atrium of the hotel and DC in the background.

We even visited with the Grinch to get some tips on how to still have Christmas spirit despite our plan not working out.
After a little research, we decided to head out on Monday to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA. A-w-e-s-o-m-e decision. It was beautiful and so relaxing.

From the Christmas decorations
To the inviting fireplaces
And the comfy tavern bar
A fancy dinner (also, I cut 4 inches off my hair and dyed it dark redish brown..thoughts??)
Our very own bonfire
And just enough snow!
We enjoyed every second of this little getaway. We have already discussed going back. And with a $77 a night military rate, I wanted to high five everyone at this gorgeous, historical hotel.

After three days in Bedford, we decided to head to our version of 'Germany', the Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown, WVa. The reviews on tripadvisor were all so positive, stating that the rooms were elegant and European and the food was to die for. Turns out, tripadvisor LIED. Yall, I can't even begin to explain the fit of giggles that ensued as was checked in to our room. The hotel was built in 1994 and literally hadn't been updated since. The entire bathroom was pink and ceramic. The brass accents and bad stenciled popcorn walls were cringe-worthy. The 'fresh fruit' in our room was 2 apples from the grocery store. I mean, I am talking bad, bad. bad. Realizing we would not be able to sit in the room until our 7pm dinner reservations, we opted to head to Charles Town to the casino to do a little gambling. We stayed for 30 minutes, lost $60 and decided everyone there was in a funk of ciggarete smoke and despair. I have never been to such a brightly lit, sad place in my life. I didn't even take any pictures because Daffodil's is supposed to be a happy blog!

Back in Germany, we got ready for dinner, which turned out to save of stay. Our waitress, who we named Doris, (I think her real name was Pamela, but it didn't suit her) was the funniest old lady I have ever met. I am pretty sure she wanted to take Kev home. She even insisted they take a picture together after stating 'You just can't keep good lookin' down."

As we left, she gave him a hug and I'm pretty sure felt up his arm muscles. I did manage to convince her to take a picture with me in it, and she begrudgingly obliged.
By Friday, we were grateful to head back to Winston, happy to reunite with Baby Boy and really, really glad we weren't stuck in Europe trying to get a flight back.

So while it wasn't the trip we planned, we had a wonderful time. I love my son and my family and friends, but I love so much to spend time with just Kev. We feel very blessed we get so many opportunities to go places with just each other, and this trip will definitely go down in the history books as one of the best and the most hilarious.

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Tyler said...

Way to make positive of the situation! It looks like you had a blast! I'm loving the darker do as well. Very sassy!