Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Few Things

1. On Sunday, we took Baby Boy swimming at our Y, but the only way we could get him to not be scared of the water was if he was wearing his 'swim muscles.' Our over-enthusiasm for Sunday's swim muscles carried into Monday, as Cullen insisted on wearing them around the house. Even at dinner.

2. I made Kelly's Chicken Brushetta Bake for dinner last night. O-my-yum. Everyone should have this recipe on hand. Not only was it delicious and healthy, but also super easy and hands off cooking. Love it! Thanks Kel!

3. Is anyone else so happy that How I Met Your Mother now comes on at 7 and 7:30 every night? Every time I think about being a mature adult and watching the world news, I watch re-runs of Ted and the Crew and decide that learning to be awesome is way more important instead. Sad?


Martha said...

Um we watch how i met your mother EVERY NIGHT now over supper :) looks like we have a joint session coming up now that i know you're watching it too

fittingbackin said...

So glad you liked the bake, lady! Wasn't it just too dang simple? Heart it!

hehe I love How I Met Your Mother - their reruns make me smile.

Too funny that he's besties with his floatie now. haha (and swim muscles is a totally new term for me... I love it)

Alysa Regen said...

I just cracked up at this post. Cullen is hilarious. I hope you get me some swim muscles for Christmas.