Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorations

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I decided to write about an easy Christmas decoration that you can do in a quick jiffy and save some money! It'll add a little pizzazz to your table or mantle, take your pick!

Take a hike with your sweet family and grab some good, sturdy pine cones on your walk. Take them home and dust off any dirt that's on there.

Now, pick out your favorite glitter colors, I chose silver and gold. Martha Stewart has some killer bottles at Michael's. I got some spray adhesive from the craft store as well.

Lay the pine cones out on a covered table (or you can do it on your kid's craft table and blame the mess on them) and spray with the adhesive. Then glitter those cones as if you were making Mariah Carey proud!

I chose to display them on some silver cups and candle holders and add little stars as shown below:

I hope you enjoyed this little craft and stay happy this holiday season!

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fittingbackin said...

SO cute! I love the pinecones - especially fancy ones like this. :)