Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Different Perspective

It is funny how pictures work; you see what the photographer wants you to see. In fact, the more I take pictures, the more I start to see life in a set of frames: moments you can actually capture and save forever (even without a camera). So the other night, while flipping through websites for blog pictures and inspirations, I was excited to come across a second perspective of a picture I have had saved for a long time.

Here is the first picture I saved:

And here is what I found the other night:

And as much as I understand the purpose of the pristine staging of a picture, especially for a decorating magazine, in this case (or maybe just at this moment), I really enjoyed this second look. It is nice because in reality, rooms are meant to be lived in. As much as I want my house to be beautiful and perfect, there is nothing more special than the moments when the hubby and I are not ready to wake up, but baby boy is, so he plays inbetween us in the bed, alternating trying to open our eyes and laughing about it all the while. How can you be grumpy waking up to that (even if it is 6:10 on Saturday)?
Hope you are having a beautiful week!

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Chris said...

nice thought katie