Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So once apon a time ( March) I started this blog to share some of my favorite home decor inspirations and some of my own furniture creations. But I've noticed lately that it is more about my life and of course pictures and pictures and pictures of C$, with maybe one decor post somewhere in the middle of the week. But I have an explanation. In March, baby boy was hardly crawling and while he played in one little spot in the house, I was able to sit on the laptop, clicking and saving away on all my favorite home sites.

And then he started walking. And then husband left this summer for 6 weeks. And then we got a puppy. And then school started back up. And then....well, I ran out of time to spend looking at other people's houses because I am constantly trying to keep my own in order. So I thought I would take you on a little trip into my laptop stream of consciousness to explain why the blog now is so different from the blog that started:

OK, seriously, going to post something about something related to house stuff. Right after I check my email. O my lord, my friend Alysa is spending a week fasting and yoga-ing in an Indian Village. O and Cate's being a Cocktail waitress for Halloween, which is hilarious because she allergic to shrimp. I'm glad that Cullen's not allergic to anything. Like that kid in his class who is allergic to eggs. Ugh, I still need to find something to make for the Halloween party. Google: snacks without eggs. This all looks horrible. I'm glad I'm not a vegan. O, I need to go to the butcher shop tomorrow, we are completely out of meat. And my new crock pot came, so I can make something yummy for dinner. I'll check Kelly's blog for some good recipes. She's so sweet to always post comments. I wonder if we got any comments on Three Little Army Wives today? I hope one day I have lots of blog comments like Kel does. My Auburn friends are just so fabulous. Auburn's football team is so good right now too. Auburn Tunnel Videos! Ob-sess-ed. I wonder what Clay Travis wrote about us this week? Hilarious. He is such a good writer. Kind of like Erin. Maybe I should start writing more in my blog? But I do have that really awesomely cute pic of Cullen I took today. I wish I could get better at pictures like Darby or Pioneer Woman. But man he is one adorable kid. Probably because his daddy is so handsome. Look at husband over there on the couch all alone, he really is the most handsome man I know. I should stop surfing the Internet and go sit with him. I missed him all day today. What did I even get on here to look for? I don't remember. O well.

So instead of a great post about decorating your house classy-like for Halloween, here is a pictures of Cullen dressed as a giraffe :)


Elle Cay said...

haha love the thought process. love the giraffe costume even more!

Erin said...

You're so sweet. And FYI, I really enjoy your blog. I think no matter what our intentions are, our blogs tend to reflect our lives.

Tyler said...

Oh my goodness that is ADORABLE! I agree with the Y thing. They shouldn't advertise if they aren't going to follow through.

Ericka B. Jackson said...

ohmygoodness! Cutest giraffe EVER! I love everything you post, no matter how random! It's fun to keep up with friends. (btw - so glad my brain is not the only one that jumps around to a million different things and then I'm completely sidetracked and wait - what was I saying? ;)

Seriously - we can't blame you for the pics of Cullen. I'm not biased and I still think he is one of the most adorable little kids ever! Those blue eyes - oh my! ;)

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I agree...the cutest giraffe ever! I enjoy your blog and I am the queen of randomness. I always tell myself I can print whatever I like because it's my blog!
It's your blog!

fittingbackin said...

This post cracked me up! How did I miss it before and OMG that's me almost every day. SO many things I want to do and accomplish and then poof, what am I doing? Where did the time go? Eek! :) Love it!