Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lessons from a Baby

Lately, many of husband and my conversations are about what happens next. So we've decided to stay in the Army, what now? Where will we move? When will we move? Are we going to be happy when we get there? What if we don't get the assignment we want? Then what? Then What? If, If, If? And then what? And around and around we go.

I think, as any couple would, we have made up our minds of where we want to go and how we want to go there, but we also know, even if we are having trouble accepting it, that it may not necessarily be the way it works out. Enter my sweet Cullen's room:

From here, it may not seem to have anything to do with this post, but it actually does.

Look closer... the cow is telling the zebra a secret. Apparently they are friends and they have sleepovers in the Little People Barn, although I've never seen a zebra and a cow hanging out, it made perfect sense to Baby Boy to put them together.

And the tiger took a nap in the silo while the pink pig happily looked on.

Maybe Kev and I are spending too much time worrying about our own comfort zone and not seeing that we could be happy in the barn (or in the jungle? Stay with me here...)

However, the real lesson today though comes from C's truck and Noah's Ark.

Somehow, in his little 16 month old mind, he deliberately decided to line the animals up on the car carrier and put the cars on Noah's Ark. Even my baby knows that sometimes, the path you want to take, isn't the path that works the best. And even if we get the path we want now, in another two years, we might not. Sometimes, what you least expect is exactly what you need (I mean, look how happy that lion is to finally be on dry land). And you know what? Somehow, his little intuitive, imaginative and amazing mind brought me a sense of peace. I know we are going to be alright. I know whether we take the car carrier or the boat, we are going to be happy. I know we made the right decision, I just don't know where it is taking us. And I'm ok with that.


Martha B. Metzler said...

Great post Kate! Love you!

Erin said...

*sob* Boy do I know how you feel. And what lessons our precious little angels can teach. I wrote something similar last year...http://www.fiercebeagle.com/2009/03/seeing-foxes-baby-lives-here.html

fittingbackin said...

Love this post! Look at Cullen's little toy metaphor - beautiful! And you will be fine because you have a happy, healthy, fabulous family and a GREAT attitude!