Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Mom Cave

Yesterday afternoon, C$ and I headed to Homegoods in search of some Halloween decorations. It has been rainy and a little cold in NC the last few days and I am loving it. It makes me want some new fall flare and to make chili for dinner, both of which I did yesterday. While I was at HG, I noticed signs everywhere advertising "The Mom Cave Giveaway", meaning that a designer would come to your house and give you your very own Mom Cave. I was curious as to what this 'mom cave' is all about.

Now, 'Man Cave' I've heard of, in fact, we had a really good one in our last house:

In our current house, husband's stuff is in the Moffice (the Man/Office) and the Ranger "Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest" flag has been retired, but Lou Gerhig was able to stay. And it is nice that husband has his special place, but what about me? I will say that arguably, our entire house could be the 'mom cave' since husband didn't realy decorate anything, however, I did take into accord that he would be living in these spaces too, so I did not make it look like I had 3 female roomates.

A quick search of 'mom cave' revealed little hits, save a few blogs and Homegood's giveaway, but I think the term will catch on. According to their site, the mom cave should have:
1. A place to converse
2. A place to work, write, blog, craft, ect

3. As many girly accessories as possible

4. A place to relax

I'm totally in to it! Homegoods marketing team, you win.

*Images from my basement, Coastal Living and House Beautiful


Erin said...

Mom Cave? I'm in.

HomeGoods said...

Thanks KL! You totally deserve a Mom Cave. Hope you entered for a chance to win at!