Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing Class!

Last week, my friend Katie and I decided strengthen our domestic skills by tackling our first sewing class. We signed up for the 'Baby Essentials' class at Karen Gray Design in Reynolda Village and on Thursday night headed out to make a baby blanket, burp cloth, washcloth and appliqued onsie. My sewing skills are pretty amateur; some straight lined curtains here and there and a pillow slipcover or two, but I have never actually learned how to finish a project. I was really excited to learn from a pro, plus Karen's shop is instant happiness.
Two and a half hours later, look what I did! I opted for an orange and blue theme since it is pretty gender neutral, especially for a baby who has no choice but to be Auburn fan. This is the blanket, its cotton on one side and fleece on the other:
The burp cloth. It is two different fabrics on top and terry cloth underneath and I put it all together myself. *clap clap*.
The washcloth:
And my adorable little onsie. I have never even sort of appliqued before, and here is a little secret: it is so easy! I might have a new obsession.
How cute is it all bundled together? Here are Katie and me with our finished projects:
It was such a great night and I am hoping to squeeze in another class before baby/moving. Thanks for a great evening Karen!

PS: You can visit Karen's shop here. And Katie's Etsy shop here. Fun finds for all!

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fittingbackin said...

SO FUN! Sewing is on my short list for my next hobbies- I think it's SO fun and love the idea of making baby clothes, skirts and curtains. haha