Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Royal Wedding

Of course this week, everyone is a buzz about Prince William proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton. I am jumping on this excitement bandwagon and have to admit, I can't wait to see what this wedding is going to be like. I do however, have one issue: I don't like that he used Princess Di's engagement ring. I get that he wanted to honor his mother, but I feel like divorce engagement rings are bad luck! Thoughts??

Incidentally, this is the ring husband got me for my birthday:

I have been wearing it everyday for a month and today at work, two people asked if it I just got it since it looks just (minus about 30 carats) like Kate's. Really?


ann's daughter said...

I think re-using Diana's engagement ring is a matter of perception, a glass half full/empty thing. William loves his parents and wants to share his marriage with his mother, even if she's gone. Using Diana's ring was his choice, and I'm sure if Kate wasn't down with that, it wouldn't have happened.

Yippie-ki-yay, gorgeous sapphire! (for both Kates)

Brittany said...

I'm okay with him using Diana's engagement ring because its so iconic and obviously very personal for him. The wedding is going to be spectacular!

Ericka B. Jackson said...

I am SO upset that I'm going to miss watching the wedding! We are flying back to the States from Thailand that day.... tragic! Trying to get someone to DVR it for me... ;)