Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Not a Bad Mom...

But I really love this picture.

And I swear that right after I took it, I cuddled baby boy and let him know that it was going to be ok. He was crawling too fast after our dog and took a dive on the side porch. When I picked him up, there it was, the first nose bleed. And just so you know, I happened to have the camera right next to me, reviewing other pictures from the day. But I was glad I did, look at the raw emotion of that face. It is kind of beautiful isn't it?

Beisdes, the best part of being a mom is being able to clean up those tears (well, and nose).

1 comment:

JK said...

He's fine. It doesn't hurt unless the bone shows. He'll outgrow the whining stage.


PS. He's mine all nest week, Right?