Saturday, May 15, 2010


You may remember my very first post, in which I informed you dear readers that my intention was to buy, refurbish and sell furniture. Since then I have made the pink chair, the happy yellow bench and the cheery blue chairs. The pink chair is now at Elizabeth's, an antique/consignment store in Winston and has not been sold. Happy yellow bench was bought by my dear friend Cate and will soon by residing in DC. And the cheery blue chairs were cause of some frustration earlier this week.

However, today, I received that sense of validation I have so been seeking, when after a craigslist post Saturday morning, someone called about those cheery blue chairs that were starting to make me sad. The caller was incredibly excited and drove 30 minutes into town to pick them up. When she arrived she said "they are prettier than in the pictures" and "just perfect for my new farmer's table!" She asked if she could have the name of the paint color (and of course I obliged) and thanked me repeatedly for posting them. Her daughter then informed me she saw them earlier that day on CL and printed the page out because she knew they were just what "Momma" was looking for. And as my husband carried the chairs out our front door, something occurred to me, something that had escaped me during this entire endeavor: this woman was happy- truly, genuinely, happy that she was able to take my chairs home.

How could I have missed this side of the project? The side that put a huge smile on someone else's face? Why did it not occur to me that this wasn't just about my own happiness and self worth, but that it would make other people's day? I was so excited that someone wanted to buy my chairs, that I didn't stop to think that it was making their day too. And as I watched the woman and her daughter load the chairs into their car,looking over the details once again and smiling as big as I was, I realized that this might be the real reason why I find some much pleasure in re-doing furniture: I really, really love to see other people smile. Because of that moment, when I saw her loving the chairs that I made with so much love, I smiled all day.

Thanks world, for coming through for me once again.


Amy Wells said...

That put a smile on my face! :)

Elle Cay said...

so exciting! when is my KKL turquoise hall table going to happen?