Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wish List

Since I have spent the last few days wishing for new paint colors, and art, and spring to officially be here, and the rest of husband's grad school acceptances to come in, I figure I can round out the week with a few more requests.

1. Elephant Safari Earring from Furbish. I mean really. How fab are these?

2. Some spring clothes for baby boy. If it got really warm tomorrow, poor kid wouldn't have a single short sleeve shirt that fits. We are heading to Florida in a two weeks, so if anyone would like to donate size 2T spring wear (like this ensemble from Gymboree), we will happily accept.
3. I have still yet to buy new maternity wear. You have no idea how much self control (and self pity) this takes. However, I feel a cave coming on soon, look how cute this nautical dress from Motherhood is. It might become a battle of will between shopping or eating (another) sleeve of thin mints.

4. A glass of wine. Just kidding (kind of). Only 15 weeks to go! C is still trying to find where the 'baby' is in my belly. It is very confusing.
5. For great friends to come visit me while husband is out of town this week. O wait, that is happening. See you tonight lovelies!
Have a great weekend!

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Martha Metzler said...

Is it sad that I woke up this morning thinking, "Kate's friends are coming in town this weekend! WOO!!!"