Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Unpainted Bedroom

Even though there are a million things I should be doing in prepartion of baby's arrivial and moving, the only thing that is really on my mind is how I want to decorate our new house. Painting walls is usually my first design element, but since we will be living on post, I have to deal with 2 years of Army-beige throughout the house. So my recent decor research is all about how to add color to a neutral walled room, particulary our master bedroom.

Colorful lamps, bold curtains and a fun rug:
A very neutral room all around, but its soothing and perhaps what we will need to retreat to after a long day with 2 little ones! Love the bedding:

Something like this feels very California. Maybe I should just stick to bright whites with a few accents here and there. Notice the colored lamps again, and big artwork seems to help too!
I don't like the color scheme here, but its a good example of how to add color:
Another 'embracing the neutral' room:
I've posted this room before and still just love it. Love the art, rug, lamps, bedding, chair..love it all. This could be my inspiration room for sure.
Do you like painted or neutral walls? I am looking forward to the challenge of decorating without paint!

*Images from House Beautiful, Southern Living and Coastal Living


fittingbackin said...

I'm a neutral wall girl - but i'm ALL for adding color in textiles like wall treatments, duvets and pillows and in art - sometimes i'll even hit up Ikea for some cheap frames and frame colorful fabric!! Anything to get color on the walls without having to paint AND, if I want to change my color scheme it's cheap. :)

Ericka B. Jackson said...

I haven't been able to paint any rooms in our house b/c it's a rental, so I'm learning to embrace the neutrals! I especially love browns, beige, and blues for our bedroom - just bought some Thai silk to make some new blue throw pillows when we get home! Something about those colors feels so peaceful to me... like a day at the beach :)

And I agree with the idea that it makes it all SO much easier/cheaper to change. It's a blessing that our furniture/decor around the house is a lot of basic colors right now (black, cream, brown, etc) and wherever we move I can easily add accent colors with throw pillows, new art, etc!