Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've Got Nothin'

I'm in a blogger slump. I feel like my posts lately have been a little redundant (My boys are awesome! We drank wine! The sun is out!) And while all that is true and entertaining, on the days when I complete really amazing tasks such as getting all the laundry done, cooking dinner and avoiding the boys getting hurt, it doesn't leave me much to blog about. 

So here are a few rambling bits of information that don't really fit anywhere else:

-The time change is still screwing up the boys. And by boys, I really mean Bennett. Here he is watching The Voice with us Monday night because boyfriend just couldn't pull it together. He napped early, went to bed early, then woke up crying and couldn't stop. So we brought him downstairs for almost an hour. Then put him back to bed at 10. And he still woke up before 6. Somebody please come over and get him back on schedule. I really need a full night's sleep, or a full nap time 'break'. Please.
But how cute are they with their matching crossed feet? Worth it.

-Elections?  Happy to live in a place where we have the freedom to vote. Glad they are over.  It brings out the worst in people.

-Is anyone else watching Revolution? I am totally hooked.

-We watched our friend, 14 month old Baby Soph for the night. It was a little crazy having 3 kids running around, but the boys were so sweet with her and everyone slept soundly (fingers crossed, I write these posts in the evening). One thing is for sure: boys and girls are so different. While my wild banshees were running around naked after bath, Soph was sitting on the floor reading a book to her baby doll. What is up with that? Regardless, I am thankful to have friends who trust us enough to keep their baby for the night; it is wonderful to be part of such a close community when we are all so far away from family.
Geez you boys are exhausting.
 (Cullen insisted that Soph wanted to sleep with trains)
-I spent way too much effort Tuesday night trying to figure out how to make a button for my blog. I followed three different tutorials and failed over and over again. So I gave up and hired Janna to make them for me. I was the lucky winner of her birthday giveaway which included ad space on some of her favorite blogs, so it seemed fitting to support her business since she is helping my blog grow. Stayed tuned to grab one!

-I have three photography jobs this weekend. Exciting, right? If you want to see a sneak peek of my sessions, before sure to like my facebook page.

-Blogger bestie Lauren has sent me two of her jewelry creations in the past few months.  I like to rock them both (and the $8 dress I found at Target the other day).
Side note: My little brother calls these types of pictures 'selfsies' and made fun of me for taking one. I had no idea what he meant by 'selfsie' and thought he made a typo when he text me. He had to explain that it was self pictures. I am getting old. (And sorry Brother, I did it again.)

-It has been a while since I opened the forum for questions, and since I'm having serious blogger-block, I'll see what you want to read about. Ask me anything in the comments section (or on facebook to my friends who read from there!) and I will post answers soon.

Hope your week is wonderful!


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I feel ya about a blogger slump. I get that way too... =/ Sometimes I think about taking a break to get my thoughts together and to refresh. xoxo

Shannon said...

Sometimes no news is good news. And boys are awesome and you drinking wine always entertains me for what its worth!

I'm not a fan of selfsies either, but sometimes they have to be done. :)

The Romer Family said...

I love reading about your boys!

Shawna said...

I can't blame him--I'd want to stay up and watch The Voice too! :-)

Kelly Ann said...

I love the layered necklace!

Sparkles and Shoes

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

I know what you mean, I just can't seem to find the motivation to blog lately! You'd think with the weather turning cold, all I'd want to do is cuddle up in front of the TV or computer, but I don't. If the motivation doesn't come back soon, my blog will become a lonely desolate place! ;o)

Congrats on the photography sessions and the $8 dress! Score on both! :o)

Mrs.B said...

I feel ya on the slump! I feel like all of my posts are just tons of pictures of the same things (em, husband, dog, beer) and like a sentence. haha
I do enjoy reading your posts though!

What a pretty necklace!

I'll be snagging that button once you get it!

scrapperjen said...

I love your blog posts - life is life and if it's "redundant", so be it!

Sounds like you've been busy and enjoying everything. That's what counts!

Enjoy your photo sessions.

Katie said...

I will NEVER get tired of reading about your awesome boys, drinking wine and sunshine! It's just perfect for me. The time change hasn't been horrible in our neck of the woods but definitely not a breeze either. I will be happy when we all get adjusted again!

Kristina said...

I love reading your blog and I have these days too! Like yesterday and today lol! I would love to read any tips you have on photography? I am thinking of taking a class. I feel like I still no nothing about my Canon Rebel.

Becca said...

Despite saying you're in a slump, this is a GREAT post, full of such fun pictures of life around home and your family. It's also full of things that all of us can relate to... like kids post-time change... what is with that?! My daughter is still struggling.


Ashley said...

I go through blogger slumps all the time. We're pretty boring around here. A tiny apartment, no kids, and living on a tight budget.... not always blog-worthy. ;)

We watch the Voice too... I love it. I ended up watching Revolution for the first time on Monday... and now I'm sort of wishing I'd seen all of the episodes. I think I could get hooked, but I already watch too many shows so I'm not sure I want to add another. hehe

Happy Wednesday!

Meagan said...

I hear ya...Caroline was up super early this morning and SO grouchy! Not fun. I love your necklaces. So pretty!

Heather said...

Those necklaces are beautiful! As passionate as I was about this election, I am also glad to see it come to an end. This was such an ugly election cycle.

Stephanie said...

Yay for 3 photography jobs this weekend! Love the necklaces and your dress!

Nicole said...

You have lots of good stuff happening! I think it's great you have friends who you can form a tight community with. It's important!

Lauren said...

I'm thinking slumps are runnign rampant! All I have are the weekend updates & updates about Elyse....& we LOVE Revolution! it's one of our favorites!

Kerry said...

I think it is normal to go through blogging slumps, but we aren't going anywhere!
I love love that picture of your husband and Bennett sitting the same way!! So cute :)
Hope you have a great weekend, I can't wait to get your new button!!!