Thursday, November 8, 2012

They Are Both Sleeping!

Happy Beautiful Friday to you all. I am actually writing this on Thursday afternoon from the comforts of my cozy white chair and a completely silent house. For the first time in a week, both boys are taking the same nap. Sweet glory

Here is what we have been up to the past few days:

Making a little "Be Thankful" bulletin board. I don't have a copy of the finished product because I ran out of  glue sticks (blogger problems, right?), but I can tell you that C is thankful for his 'broder, Frankie (the dog) and that God Loves Mommy and Daddy and Cullen and Bennett and Frankie.' 
Melt my heart into a million pieces, why don't you?
In Baby Meat Head news, Bennett can score a basket in 9/10 attempts. Make no mistake that he wants us to know that he is a 'Baller'.
Also, it might be time for a mullet trim.

Thursday morning, he came into the sitting room with a football and a backwards Auburn hat, while chanting "Fooot-Bawllllll".

Still won't say 'Mama'.
 I received this amazing gift basket of goodies from sweet Ashlea as a result of Kristin and Allie's Fall Swap. I love the nail polishes!
Inspired by our San Fran trip to Discovery Days, I let the boys experiment with ice one afternoon.
 Ice cubes, salt, colored water, dry pasta and some flour. 
They loved it: we talked texture, results, 'goopy' vs 'melty' and which different things changed color. 
 Science and a really cheap afternoon at its best.
 One of the afternoons that B refused  politely declined to take a nap, we made Pumpkin Bread. 
 Such a good little helper.
 We used a trusty old Martha Stewart recipe from my Martha's Baking Cookbook, but made our own lemon cream cheese frosting and slathered it on top.
Great call. 
When I was little, we also used to joke that my Dad could do/fix anything also long as he had a penny and a rubberband. Well Dad, be proud because I can make a lot happen with a wine cork, a paper clip and a magnet.
Backyard fishing.
 Kept them entertained for twenty minutes hours.
Finally, as we are looking forward to a long weekend, please don't forget to remember the reason for the holiday and thank a veteran for their service. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for Kev, and all our military friends, for serving and protecting our country. 

Happy Veteran's Day!


Jen said...

I love all the pictures!!! :) Especially the baking ones.

lauren jean allece said...


And thank you baby meathead and the sweetest little thank-er ever for being so dang cute (now hurry up and learn how to say "mama" B, I mean come on, seriously little man!)

And thank YOU for just being you :)

Kerry said...

Absolutely! Thank you!!!
Oh how I love these pics, especially the little flour covered feet and the baby on the kitchen bench helping bake a cake lol
So sweet!!
I bet the boys had so much fun with their science experiments, I really need to do more stuff like this :(
I had to smile when you said B still doesn't say mama but will say football haha too cute!
Bet that cake was delicious!!
Have a great weekend Kate :)

scrapperjen said...

Fantastic pictures, as usual!
I hope you truly enjoyed your quiet and have a lovely weekend!

Jenn said...

I am thankful you finally got a simultaneous nap.
I am thankful that you are giving those wine corks a purpose in life after their time plugging a bottle had ended.
I am thankful for B's mullet, so don't go whacking that thing off.
I am thankful for Kev's service (as well as yours!).
And I am thankful for YOU! Have a great long weekend!

Tarabelle said...

Yummmmmmmmm the pumpkin bread looks amazing!


Maggie said...

I say let the mullet keep growing ;) His hair is gorgeous!

Mrs.B said...

I think I'm going to do that ice with Em this weekend! Thank you for sharing that.

That pumpkin bread looks delicious! And he's the cutest little meat head baby I've ever seen.

Ashley said...

Oh how nice it is to have a few moments of peace!

I love all the pictures the baking ones are great and YUM pumpkin bread!

Laura S. said...

That pumpkin bread looks divine...I think you should share the recipe.

I love that you call Bennett Baby Meathead and he has a's perfect, ha!

Thank you Kevin for your service.

Kristin said...

Don't you just love the things that will keep them entertained the longest!? I have found that it is never toys!!

siddathornton said...

what colors are those essie polishes - they look gorgeous, & that silvery color looks perfect for the holiday season!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...


marie said...

I am laughing at your endearing 'baby meat head' nickname. Ok, you got the crafts going on! My kids are older now but I should still try, and truly you've made me want to brush off all the messy stuff and bring it on out.

Thanks for your prayers, I am feeling so much better today.

Heather said...

Happy Veterans Day, and a huge thank you to your husband and all who serve. I love the idea of a "Be Thankful" bulletin board!

Elle Sees said...

awww the sweetest pics of your boys and their adventures. love it!

Ursula Boomsma said...

Love all your beautiful photos of your boys! You are truly blessed! I'm over at

Lauren said...

these pictures are all so fabulous! & you're such a creative mom...I hope I can come up with some playtime activities like that as Elyse gets older!

Shawna said...

That pumpkin bread looks awesome---now I want to make some! :-)

Mrs. K said...

All those messy things + 2 little boys!? You are a sweet mom :) Also, "sweet glory" cracked me up. I especially appreciate it as of late because my little one has refused naps lately unless he's napping on me. Ahhh!!!

Happy Veteran's Day to your husband! :)

Tami said...

You did so many fun things with the kiddos this week! You have definitely inspired me to think outside the box a little bit more. Even though I've pinned a million toddler activities, I find myself doing a lot of the same things with E over and over.

Kristin said...

The only time I ever paint my nails/use polish is when I get it via swap or giveaway win.
Luckily, I've had some luck in that department.
Great goodies!
And that pumpkin bread is making my mouth water..

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

You are absolutely so fun and creative with your boys, I love it!!!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Bennett the baller.
Soooo stinking cute!!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

You are the craftiest mom, seriously. Enjoy your weekend:: and thank you Kevin for your service!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

you are like the funnest mom ever!
this is why I wanna be a stay at home mommy, like I said whenever I actually have kids;)

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

You are so creative! Love that backyard fishing! And I think it's a huge accomplishment that you got C to bake with you! My C is attentive for all of 3 minutes until he starts dragging pots and pans out and begging me to go play in the living room! ; ) Oh, boys...

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

You had me at lemon........ YUM!

PS - Love your new button! xoxo

Lexi said...

Lemon cream cheese frosting? YUM!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.