Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Wedding Day

Tomorrow marks Kev and my 5th wedding anniversary. Time has flown by, and yet in 5 years, we have been through 1 deployment, lived in 3 cities, made 2 beautiful children and have continued to love each other and strengthen and grow our relationship. In that time, I have been a high school teacher, a pre-k teacher and a mommy (with a side of photographer). Kev has considered getting out of the Army but remained true to his calling and had to opportunity to serve overseas, in a university setting and now is furthering his knowledge in grad school. We have learned how to work together as parents, while maintaining a relationship with each otherin dependent of our children. And through all of those changes, our love has remained constant and only flourished.

 I figured today would be the perfect day to let you in on our celebration 5 years ago.

But before we get in to it, you must know that I was the worst bride ever. I'm not talking bridezilla bad, I'm talking about I had an anxiety attack and threw up the first time I tried on a wedding dress because I was tired of strangers asking me what my 'vision' was bad. I was not interested in wedding details, I just wanted to get married and then celebrate. To me, the vows were the most personal thing I would ever say and I hated that it was seemingly overshadowed by the fluff surrounding the 'big day'. So whenever we went off to meet with vendors, I would sulk in the corner while my mom made everything really nice. Thank goodness. I did, however, pick out my dress (at a very small boutique on a Tuesday afternoon with strict instructions that no one was to say the word 'big day' and pushy dress sellers were not allowed to touch me until I had the gowns on), the open bar and the big dance floor. With that said, please go thank my mom for handling the details and making it o so special.

We started the weekend with the rehearsal on Friday afternoon. Look what babies we are (I was 23 and Kev turned 26 the following week).
 And we had the rehearsal dinner at our favorite crab shack on the Potomac.
We kept our wedding party simple, just having family and long time best friends, but my college girlfriends were my 'non-bridesmaids' and did everything from throwing my bachlorette party to coming to our rehearsal. They were also in the room as I got ready and I presented each of them with a flower and small gift.

 With our parents at the rehearsal dinner.
 O I did pick out the bridesmaids flowers (daffodils, duh) and told the lady I wanted a bunch of different colors in my bouquet. She made the rest of it happen and my mom picked out all the flowers for the reception. My bridesmaids were my little sister in law Kate, my best friend from high school Bridget and my older sister in laws Beth and Kyle.
 My Dad preparing to walk me down the aisle.
Kev and I saying our vows. My good friend Father Matt married us. He was the chaplain when I was in high school and then the principal there when I returned to teach. He had all of our pre-cana meetings at an Irish Pub. He got me. He continued to be a great friend and mentor while Kev was deployed.
 Married! And being welcomed to the Army. We debated on whether or not to do the military wedding, but it was (and continues to be) such a big part of our lives and it is pretty special to be able to add these traditions to the ceremony.
With our MOH and best man, Kev's brother Mike.
My brothers, taking my marriage very seriously.
Then, it was on to the reception, held at the Hilton in Springfield, VA.

 My dad and I danced to Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffet and it was just uncomfortable enough for us inwardly emotional people, to be really funny.
 And like I said, I picked out the big dance floor and open bar, both of which were thoroughly used.

 Our parents. I've told you that they were friends long before Kev and I met, right?
 We did take a brief dancing/drinking pause to eat cake (which my mom also did a beautiful job of picking out, didn't she?).
 Annnd the dancing continued. I think the DJ gave up on wedding music at one point and just turned it in to a house dance party. The Ying-Yang twins happened. Classy.

 And even though I was the worst bride ever, we did have a great time and I am glad everyone convinced me to have a big wedding.

 Best of all, I turned out to be a pretty good wife and that is what matters most.
  Happy Anniversary, honey!

*All images are mine personally or courtesy of Bruce Larrabee Photography.
Please do not pin or reuse.

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Emily said...

You were a beautiful bride Kate. Happy 5th Anniversary. It's nice to see couples who have kids and a great marriage :)

Laura said...

Gorgeous photos, Happy Anniversary!

TIffany Gabriel said...

Happy 5 year Anniversary girl, your wedding was beautiful!!!!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

So sweet! Congratulations!!! :)



Katie said...

Looks like it was the perfect day! You both look like you were having SO much fun. Happy Anniversary!

marie said...

I love that last picture.

I was the same way. I was completely in love and didn't care about wedding details. My mom did most of the wedding planning. But seeing how we didn't have a lot of money it was pretty easy. My two sisters bought dresses off the rack from J.C. Penny and I am not even sure we had wedding favors.

CALLIE said...

I LOVE all of these pictures!!! The dancing ones are hysterical and look quite similar to my reception. And don't worry friend, there was definitely rap music played at our reception and I have a picture of my Daddy dancing with all of us to it ha!

Happy Anniversary to yall!!!

eas said...

What a beautiful wedding day. I was the same as you, not so much into the picking out dresses,etc but more excited about having fun with friends and most importantly, being married to my favorite person.

Heather said...

You were so beautiful and radiant! LOVE that black and white of you dancing - you are owning that dance floor :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your real life fairy tale, and congrats!!!!


Jenn said...

Happy anniversary! Great photos!! :)

My mom was behind the "bigger wedding" idea as well (but only because she couldn't NOT invite every last person she ran into in town), but it was really fun. And dancing (and drinking!) weddings are always the most fun! It looks like everyone there was having a blast!

And open bar- totally the way to go. ;)

Heather said...

Happy fifth anniversary! You look beautiful, and I love your dress.

Stephanie said...

These are such great pictures! I could NOT get my husband to wear his dress blues at our wedding. I wanted him to be in uniform, but he wanted to wear a tux. : ( Oh well, he looked good in the tux too.

I love your wedding's so beautiful. Looks like you guys had a beautiful day!

DeeDee said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful bride you were and still are!! Thanks for sharing your special day :) God is good!!!

P.S. the most important thing to me at my wedding was #1- dancing, #2- lots of food for my big, fat, Italian family :)

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful start to your life together, a day you'll never forget! (Looking gorgeous as well!) Enjoy your night and weekend Kate!

laurenjeanallece said...

I LOVE THESE! Oh my goodness, this whole post just has me smiling like crazy. You guys are so sweet to each other.

Congratulations on five years and many, many more!!!

(Also, love that your mom has a blog!)

Megan {Red Door Farmhouse} said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved your honesty about wedding planning. Now one knows what it's like until it happens to them. Have fun celebrating!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK you clearly had a FUN wedding! What a blast! And you look gorgeous!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

It looks like you had the perfect day! You looked gorgeous and so happy!! Happy anniversary, I hope you have a blast celebrating! xoxo

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

You were a beautiful bride! I love seeing military photos from weddings. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Sarah said...

These pictures are so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!

Kristin said...

Congratulations on 5 happy years together! Wishing you many more :)

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

You looked stunning and the wedding looks like it was a ton of fun! I totally hear ya about finding the right dress at a place where the salespeople aren't pushy or just wanting to make a buck. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! x

Eloquent English said...

I'm sure you were so glad when it was over! I think all brides are anxiety ridden! It looks like it was an amazing day!!! xoxo A-

Sarah Kate said...

What a fabulous wedding!!!! You can throw one heck of a party!! ;o)

I was the same way as the bride. I would get so stressed out that I'd have panic attacks. My mom ended up doing my entire wedding herself, too. Thank goodness for party-planning mommas!!!

Congrats on your 5-year anniversary! Ya'll have certainly been busy!!

the lovebirds said...

what beautiful photos!! Congrats! And happy 5 year anniversary!! xo

Emily | Recently said...

Ahhhhh, so beautiful! Happy anniversary to you and your man. Having a successful marriage is one of the greatest accomplishments!

Nikki said...

Love the different suspenders on the guys...oh sorry sorry, I'm a details person ;)

Katie said...

Happy anniversary! You made a darling bride.

Meg {henninglove} said...

happy anniversary you two!! 5 years that is awesome. wishing you many many more years of happiness, love and laughter.
ps.s. our dresses looked really similar

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

your wedding is beautiful - you both look so happy! so glad you linked up!

Ivana said...

Oh Kate, this is such a wonderful and amazing post! It has made me so happy for you! Your wedding was really beautiful and you vere such a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

pam {simple details} said...

What beautiful photos, Kate! Looks like you both had a blast, I loved seeing your special day! Congrats, btw!!

fittingbackin said...

Happy Belated 5th anniversary girl! Beautiful pictures- me and Austin are still sad that we missed this celebration!! :( Can't believe it's been 5 years- you two were babies -so cute!