Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When I said that one of the pros to staying behind on the East Coast for a bit was to spend time with family, I was not kidding. Monday we headed a few minutes south to Harrisonburg, VA to visit with my sister in law and her family. We love spending time with Kyle (Kev's sister) and her husband Pete and their two boys who are 4 and 2. Our boys play so well together and we love spending time with them too. And as if seeing just them wasn't enough, Cullen and Bennett's Aunt Katie and Uncle Mike (Kev's younger sibs) came too:

C got some time on the trampoline with his cousins Brooks and Owen and their Uncle Mike:
All the boys with Mike:
It was a great day and I am definitely grateful that Kyle and her boys are going to be close during my month stay in VA.

Yesterday, even though it was already day 16 of Baby B's little life, it was the first day it was just the 4 of us. We have enjoyed spending time with friends and family, but as our time together grows shorter, we are thankful for some days just to bond with each other. And since we are a family that enjoys a little adventure, we packed a picnic and headed to the nearest local winery, Shenandoah Cellars.
We love going to Wineries so much. If it is not a hobby of yours, you should make it one pronto. We didn't even do a tasting at this one, just brought our lunch from home, bought a bottle of their best Chardonnay and enjoyed the scenery, and talking with each other, with B slept and Cullen played. It really makes for a perfect afternoon. Luckily, another couple enjoying a glass of wine didn't mind snapping a quick family picture for us.
And I couldn't resist taking pictures of my boys:

We just had an extraordinary afternoon. When we returned to the farm, C asked if he could go take a nap (always my darling 2 year old, always), Kev went to get a haircut, Bennett continued to sleep and I took the time to read a magazine, switched my red nails to lavender and took a nap myself. And they said two kids was tough. :)
Do you go to Wineries? We have done so many in VA and NC and can't wait to tackle what California has to offer!

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Mad Hatter said...

I'm from Calif. The Napa Valley has nice wineries. It is fun to see Mike in your pictures. I enjoyed having him in my physics class.