Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Not Always Sunny

The other day, my friend Kelly posted about whether or not you should share the bad sides of life in blogs or just focus on the positive. She stated, and I agree, that it is definitely up to the individual blogger, but I know that I tend to stick with the happy stuff. So in order to show you that all is not perfect in Larrabee Land, here is a pic I snapped upon returning from the grocery store today:
Cullen fell and skinned his knee on the way in and Bennett was crying like I hadn't fed him in 4 days, even thought it had been approximately an hour and 32 minutes (boyfriend can eat). And like a good mother should, instead of tending to either one of them, I took out my camera. You see, things are not always 100% great, but moments like these make me appreciate the simple times that are so wonderful. Like that Baby B is sleeping peacefully on my chest as I type this. And his eyes are opening bigger and getting bluer everyday:
Cullen eating raw broccoli from the garden in his PJs:
And his outfit from yesterday, an Auburn jersey and Mater undies:
Finally, a last minute plane ticket bought after we found out Kev would have nothing going on between tonight and Monday:
So if you ever wonder why I don't talk about the bad stuff, that is it. There is just more good to share. However, I am working on a post all about 'Ralph', Cullen's two year old alter ego which will prove beyond doubt that it is not always sunshine and unicorns in these parts, so get excited about that sometime next week.

Is you blog all sunny or reflective of everything?


fittingbackin said...

"And like a good mother should, instead of tending to either one of them, I took out my camera."

YOU CRACK ME UP! Poor little boys. I love Larrabee Land and how many positive things you have to post about - keep it up, girl! And SO GLAD he gets to come visit you and the boys - woo!

Tyler said...

Poor babies! I can't wait to hear about Ralph!

The reason I don't post the boo hiss moments of my life is because I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I hate when people have this "woah is me" attitude and post about it all over the internet. Life happens, get over it! There are too many wonderful things worth sharing and celebrating, than to be a loser about it! I love all of your happy moments that you share, but I'm also glad to know that you're human ;)

Erin said...

It's not all rainbows on my blog. When it comes to personal problems, people are usually very supportive. When it comes to opinions and religion and politics, fuggeddaboutit.