Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Activites

Happy Monday my friends, how was your weekend? Mine was so good that I took over 300 pictures, yes 300. We fit a lot into a few days, but it was one of those times when everything worked out just right. So take a deep breath and read on if you have a few minutes to waste. Here are the highlights:

1. Learned that Bennett is not loyal to the NC heat and is willing to nap on the patio in VA too.
2. Realized it is never too early to teach our kids who to cheer for.
3. Visited with Kev's parents.
4. Visited with my Oma and Opa, Cullen and Bennett's great-grandparents. They immigrated here from Germany in 1963, opened their own business which is still run by my dad and brothers and now live to see great-grandchildren. I can't imagine what that feels like. They are pretty much awesome.
5. Back on the farm, Cullen took charge of the tractor.

6. And several levels of cocktail hour were had by all.

7. There was a lot of swimming. My parents totally downplayed the pool when they bought this place, but we all agree it is one of the best parts. C really warmed up to it and was jumping off the diving board by the end of the weekend.

8. I hung with my mom and grandma (C and B are very blessed to have 5 living great-grandparents, 4 of whom we saw this weekend!). I also hope I don't start shrinking one day like these two clearly have.
9. We did a little dirt bike riding. There is a big list of things that you aren't supposed to do 2 weeks after giving birth. Riding a motorcycle was not specifically on that list, so I went for it. I hadn't ridden in over 10 years, but happily, I picked it right back up. Just in case you can't tell from the pictures, I won.

10. Uncle Bum came to meet his Godson. He is also road tripping with Kev this weekend and we are thankful for that. Side note: Can you tell we are related? We almost look like twins here! (I am 5 years and 1 day older)
11. My Uncle Paul and his wife were in town too. He met his great-nephew and explained the expectations of living up to the name Paul.
12. Tomorrow we are going to visit with Kev's sister, husband and 2 boys, then it is 2 days of just my sweet little family before Kev takes off. We are looking forward to a little peace and quiet, but are thankful we are able to spend so much time with extended family before we head west.
How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Father's Day? We didn't do anything specific, but definitely talked about how blessed with are to have wonderful role models as fathers and grandfathers. We (as in the boys and I) agreed that Kev is the best dad ever and we are thankful for him! All in all, a weekend like this made the sadness of leaving Winston just a little bit easier!


Tyler said...

Aww it looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Ericka B. Jackson said...

I love all your "family time" highlights on your blog! It must be so wonderful to have such a large, close family! And I haven't commented about your sweet baby boy yet (things have been crazy, sorry!) but he is just BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!! You two make such pretty (I mean, handsome) babies! The pictures of Cullen loving on him are the most precious moments! And I must say, I love the name Bennett! ;)

fittingbackin said...

WOW - love all of these family shots. So cool that the boys have so many grandparents - lucky boys. hehe Of course you won - looks like a blast!

MarmePurl said...

I am not had boots on! think your brothers are competitive???????