Friday, July 22, 2011

Farm House Before& Afters Part 2

You know the last 10 minutes of a show on HGTV where everyone is running around placing things trying and freaking out trying to make a deadline? That is what is has been like around here this week. Mom and I started so many projects this summer and the time ended up going by much faster than anticipated so the last few days have been spent putting finishing touches on the interior of The Farm. Today is my last day here and I still have a list a mile long to complete before I am satisfied, but I have finished a few rooms and will be posting them over the next few days. Let's start in the guest bath.

Here is the bath before:
It wasn't terrible, just a little blah and pretty dated. We didn't have a huge budget for a bathroom overhaul, so the changes are simple aesthetics. We started by painting the cabinet a greenish blue (it matches the guest room which I will be posting about shortly) and spray painting the hardware black.
Mom had a little help from her favorite little helper:
Then I enlisted the help of my dad and his favorite little helper to remove the old piece of glass that was serving as a mirror and replacing it with a more modern black picture frame mirror I found sitting in my parents' garage.
A few country-chic and spa like accessories from my favorite place ever, Homegoods:
And ta-da, a bright new bathroom ready to welcome guests to this lovely retreat:
And now I'm off to spray paint two more chairs, paint some hanging lanterns for the porch, finish some decorations for Bennett's room, hang the curtains I made for the guest room and o yea, pack a months worth of stuff into 3 suitcases and try to keep my excitement contained so I can reunite my family and move to California tomorrow!!!

PS: I'm also in the midst of a blog make over and I need a 'tag-line' for my new design. I have thought of a few things which sum up the essence of my blog, but haven't come up with the perfect words, phrase or sentence. Suggestions welcome!

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Mad Hatter said...

The bathroom looks lovely! I'm amazed that you manage to do so many artsy/decorative projects with a baby and a toddler. When my kids were that age, I was lucky to find time to shower!