Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Update

Where to start? Or where to end? I'm not sure because there is just so much! I'm still working on a few posts from the Farm projects, so I guess I'll start with our first few days here. Saturday morning we woke up dark and early (3:45am) and our trip to the airport was a disaster. You can see my mom's version here, but let's just say that as we boarded, I'm pretty sure everyone was praying that the exhausted, tearry eyed mom, the screaming, hungry infant and the meltdown toddler where not on their way to their row. Luckily, once we got settled, both boys did amazing on the flight and we arrived to California all in once piece, even the dog, who, a few hours earlier, I almost donated to Dullus Airport.

So now we are here. I couldn't be happier to be reunited with Kev and have our little family together again. The past 2 months have been so crazy, I feel like we hadn't really had time to bond as a foursome yet. I think the next two years are going to be such a wonderful adventure for us and I can't wait to really see what all California has to offer. Once we get used to wearing a sweater everyday, I think we will be just fine. :)

As of today, we haven't done much exploring due to upacking and organizing, but here is the corner of the house that is quickly becoming my favorite:
We did take a little time out to check out the aquarium:

And Bennett has started to return the brotherly love Cullen showed him in the beginning:
In my free time I decided to try and read up on my new city (I'm on page 3... but hey, at least I'm attempting):
And last night, our first here as just us, we found what people love about living in Monterey:

Somewhere inbetween all that, Baby B stopped being a newborn and became a personailty filled baby. I can't tell you how thankful I am for his laid back attitude and big smiles:

That's what I have for now. Really looking forward to this weekend and checking more things out around here!


fittingbackin said...

"Once we get used to wearing a sweater everyday, I think we will be just fine. :)" LOL

These pics are great - the ones with you and your boys on the beach is perfect, Katie!! Glad you guys are getting settled in for your CA adventures!!

Tyler said...

I love how you all had on matching stripes! B's smiles are adorable!

Alysa Regen said...

Next post I'd like to see you in a beach chair with a martini in one hand.