Friday, July 22, 2011

Melt. My. Heart.

{Enter Cullen, coming down the stairs from his nap}
Cullen: I go Cal-forn-a now?
Me: No honey, tomorrow, after you wake up from night time.
Cullen: Makes me happy.
Me: That makes you happy?
Cullen: Yep. Daddy's home there.



Erin said...

The control these little dudes have on our heartstrings is frightening.

Abby (Vernon) Cruikshank said...

Hi Kate! Clayton forwarded the link to your blog to me. You are hilarious and I've so enjoyed seeing your cute boys and reading your tales on motherhood. We had a little girl at the end of March, so I can identify now with some of it. Best of luck with the move to California and hi to Kevin. I can't believe my "little buddy" from elementary school is such a beautiful and put together Mom! You have a gorgeous family.