Sunday, May 22, 2011

Date Weekend

So here's what happened: My mom came down last week to visit, play with C, and make me fried chicken (seriously, that was on the list of things I needed her to do). Somewhere in the midst of those two days, she and her grandson came up with a plan to escape to VA for the weekend. So after giving me these faces:
I relented and realized maybe a little weekend with just the husband would be a nice break before all the activity we have coming up. Friday morning, we loaded up baby boy for the 4 hour trip north to my parents' farm and decided to take a little trip of our own. For 3 years we had been hoping to make it down to the little town of Asheville, NC and Friday afternoon there was no moment better than the present. We packed a quick overnight bag and headed two and a half hours west. After checking into the hotel, we went downtown and followed the sound of drums until we found this:
Who doesn't love a good hippie drum circle? And who doesn't love this guy? And do you think he has a real job when he's not drum circling?
When we felt that my belly had been blessed with enough hippie rain dances, we found a place to sit, eat and people watch. The food was great, the people were, um, interesting and husband and I just had a great time chatting and laughing and not worrying about making it home in time for Cullen's bedtime! (Meanwhile, this is what C was up to.)

After a glorious night's sleep, Saturday morning we headed down to the Biltmore Village and had breakfast at the Corner Kitchen. O my yum.
We then decided since we were there, we might as well be good Americans and check out the Biltmore. You couldn't take pictures inside the house, but here are a few of my favorites from around the property.

A lot of walking, a few awkward comments from strangers about my due date and some antique stores later, we crossed the visit to Ashville/Biltmore off my 10 in 10 Weeks List and drove back over to Winston for a lazy Saturday night in. Sunday it was off to VA to meet my parents halfway and pick up baby boy, and enjoyed Sunday afternoon as a little family, but more on that tomorrow!

Hope your weekend was great!


Sue said...

your photo of Ashville reminded me of our visit there back on 2004, looks like they have street music every Friday night, we had a great time. I'm sure your Mum enjoyed her time with C, why wouldn't she

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Hey Katie!

I love your blog! I'm excited to get to Ashville now that I'm down in NC with Scott. Love your pictures!