Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Monday Y'all (yea, I'm still bringing it to the West Coast)! How was your weekend? Ours was just perfect. The boys and I are all adjusted to the time change and Kev didn't have too much work to do, so we were really able to be normal for the first time in months. We did a little bit of exploring, found the outdoor shopping center and my good friend Francesa, went for a run (I made it all the way around the block...I'm still embracing exercising), walked around Old Fisherman's Wharf,

tried out Carmel Mission Church again, cooked big brunches, made Bloody Mary's, walked on the beach,

took our darlings to the playground,
painted some bar stools,

attempted to sod our backyard, and helped Kev with his homework,

got Cullen's haircut,

watched Bennett grow more overnight
and all in all just enjoyed being our little family. I don't want to get totally cheesy on you, but I'm currently feeling very blessed to have a husband to love and who loves me back, two perfect boys who I still sometimes can't believe are mine, family and friends who miss us and support us, a great sense of adventure and an overall peace in my heart for where we are and what we are doing. Hope your week is off to a great start as well!

Friday, July 29, 2011

No Sew Valences

One of the projects I had been wanting to try for ages was LGN's tutorial for no-sew curtain valences. A year or two ago, before I knew blogs existed, my friend Laura made there for her rented house because they were cheap, easy and quick alternative to buying curtains for a temporary space, but still look like real window treatments. I never had the need for it in my old house since I already had curtains up everywhere, but the Farm was the perfect place to try it out. Here's how it goes:

1. The materials are simple: foam board, tape, fabric batting, fabric and a staple gun. Cut to foam board to the width of the window and the length you want it to hang down. Then cut another piece for the sides in the amount you want the treatment to stand out from the window. Mine came out about 3 inches because it is used to hide blinds as well.
2. Once your pieces are cut, you need to attach them. I used packing tape because it was what I had on hand. Duct tape or a hot glue gun would work too. I also rounded the corners of the board to give the treatment a little more style.
3. Next, cover your board with fabric batting. This will give the valance a little more depth and make it look more like a real window treatment. You simply wrap the board with the batting and staple gun it to the back.
4. Next, you do the same thing with the fabric you chose.
5. Then, attach a hook. I used these little ones because it was what I had one hand and actually taped them on because I didn't have a hot glue gun. It will have to be more secured eventually though I'm sure, sorry mom!
6. I hung valance on a little nail.
7. And done! Would never know it wasn't a really curtain! Get ready to see lots of these in our Cali house! The whole project was even easier than I expected.

What are you up to this weekend? Have you done any fun projects lately?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Update

Where to start? Or where to end? I'm not sure because there is just so much! I'm still working on a few posts from the Farm projects, so I guess I'll start with our first few days here. Saturday morning we woke up dark and early (3:45am) and our trip to the airport was a disaster. You can see my mom's version here, but let's just say that as we boarded, I'm pretty sure everyone was praying that the exhausted, tearry eyed mom, the screaming, hungry infant and the meltdown toddler where not on their way to their row. Luckily, once we got settled, both boys did amazing on the flight and we arrived to California all in once piece, even the dog, who, a few hours earlier, I almost donated to Dullus Airport.

So now we are here. I couldn't be happier to be reunited with Kev and have our little family together again. The past 2 months have been so crazy, I feel like we hadn't really had time to bond as a foursome yet. I think the next two years are going to be such a wonderful adventure for us and I can't wait to really see what all California has to offer. Once we get used to wearing a sweater everyday, I think we will be just fine. :)

As of today, we haven't done much exploring due to upacking and organizing, but here is the corner of the house that is quickly becoming my favorite:
We did take a little time out to check out the aquarium:

And Bennett has started to return the brotherly love Cullen showed him in the beginning:
In my free time I decided to try and read up on my new city (I'm on page 3... but hey, at least I'm attempting):
And last night, our first here as just us, we found what people love about living in Monterey:

Somewhere inbetween all that, Baby B stopped being a newborn and became a personailty filled baby. I can't tell you how thankful I am for his laid back attitude and big smiles:

That's what I have for now. Really looking forward to this weekend and checking more things out around here!

Quick Update

My mom left early this morning to head back to her regular programming. And although I'm sure she is ready for a little peace and quiet and time with her boys, I am pretty sure she is going to miss these two:
We are all so grateful she was able to help these last few weeks, it made our transition so much easier. Thanks mom!

Otherwise, we have been so busy the past few days putting the house together and getting acclimated to the not so warm Monterey weather. It is slowly coming together and other than a little paint (more projects!), I have not spent any money. You are welcome husband. I am also working on the last of the Farm posts and will have those up soon! But for now, I have two boys sleeping at the same time (for the first time), so this Momma is going to put her feet up. Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Here!

We found Kev.
We found a church.
We found the ocean out of our bedroom window.
So much to wrap up from The Farm and so much to share about California, but for now I am going to spend some time with my family and get set up around here. Be back later this week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Melt. My. Heart.

{Enter Cullen, coming down the stairs from his nap}
Cullen: I go Cal-forn-a now?
Me: No honey, tomorrow, after you wake up from night time.
Cullen: Makes me happy.
Me: That makes you happy?
Cullen: Yep. Daddy's home there.


Farm House Before& Afters Part 2

You know the last 10 minutes of a show on HGTV where everyone is running around placing things trying and freaking out trying to make a deadline? That is what is has been like around here this week. Mom and I started so many projects this summer and the time ended up going by much faster than anticipated so the last few days have been spent putting finishing touches on the interior of The Farm. Today is my last day here and I still have a list a mile long to complete before I am satisfied, but I have finished a few rooms and will be posting them over the next few days. Let's start in the guest bath.

Here is the bath before:
It wasn't terrible, just a little blah and pretty dated. We didn't have a huge budget for a bathroom overhaul, so the changes are simple aesthetics. We started by painting the cabinet a greenish blue (it matches the guest room which I will be posting about shortly) and spray painting the hardware black.
Mom had a little help from her favorite little helper:
Then I enlisted the help of my dad and his favorite little helper to remove the old piece of glass that was serving as a mirror and replacing it with a more modern black picture frame mirror I found sitting in my parents' garage.
A few country-chic and spa like accessories from my favorite place ever, Homegoods:
And ta-da, a bright new bathroom ready to welcome guests to this lovely retreat:
And now I'm off to spray paint two more chairs, paint some hanging lanterns for the porch, finish some decorations for Bennett's room, hang the curtains I made for the guest room and o yea, pack a months worth of stuff into 3 suitcases and try to keep my excitement contained so I can reunite my family and move to California tomorrow!!!

PS: I'm also in the midst of a blog make over and I need a 'tag-line' for my new design. I have thought of a few things which sum up the essence of my blog, but haven't come up with the perfect words, phrase or sentence. Suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sneak Peek

First off, thanks for all your feedback on Ralph, I'm glad he makes you laugh. I learned early on that parenting is a lot easier with a side dose of humor. I am sure you will be getting much more from him in the future. On to today, just a few sneak peaks of projects that are getting wrapped up this week:

And my favorite two projects of all:

Are you intrigued by my sneak peaks? Final make overs will be coming at end of this week and early next week. We have been busy!