Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go To Bed Ralph!

It's been a while since we have visited darling Ralph, Cullen's evil twin and I thought there was no time like a Tuesday to bring him back. You see, we are very blessed that our boys are good sleepers and have never had major bedtime or naptime issues (knocking on wood as I type this). Since Cullen was a bitty baby (and now Bennett too), we just put him in his bed, read a book or two, give him his lovies, turn off the light and shut the door. We have no idea how long it takes him to fall asleep because we have never used a monitor and he's never come out of his room until the morning. We just know that he sleeps, and for 12 hours at a time... until now. Ralph has re-entered our lives in the manner of 'how many excuses can I muster in order not to go to bed'?

Every evening, after we easily put our boys to bed, husband and I sit on the couch, ready to put the day behind us and watch tv, {blog} and unwind. But lately, after ten minutes or so, we will hear a little creak of the door, followed by the pitter-patter of two year old toes to the op of our staircase. And then Ralph will annouce:

Mommm-AY... I need to get comfy, comfy, comfy cozy. {editor's note: how many levels of comfy can you really have before you are cozy?}

a few minutes later

Daddd-AY... I need a sip of wa-ter. {editor's note: he already had some}

a few minutes later

Mommm-AY... Broder left his towel in your room. {editor's note: C still confuses 'your' and 'my'}

a few minutes later

Daddd-AY...Kevin da Train needs to go downdtairs {editor's note: C is very particular about where his toys belong: crayons and trains down'dairs', cars and animals up'dairs'}

a few minutes later

Momm-AY... my teef hurt and I need med-cine. {editor's note: no}

a few minutes later

Dadd-AY...I need to go potty. {editor's note: high five Cullen, way to be potty trained}

35 minutes later

Me: surely there is nothing else Ralph can come up with right? Right? And seriously, are we never going to learn who Ted is going to marry? Come on season preimer of How I Met Your Mother, you're killin me.

a few minutes later

Mommmy-Ay...can I lay in broder's bed?  {editor's note: Most certainly not, Go to bed Ralph}


Tyler said...

Ohhh Ralph how I love your stories! I love his excuses. They are too funny! Does he call Kevin by his first name sometimes? I used to call my mom Cindy when I was little because that's what my sister did (we have different moms). I now call her Cindy because A. it's funny and B. it gets her attention better than hollering "MOOOOOM". She's learned to tune that one out. Rude!

Cynthia said...

Ha! Don't you just love the mind of a two-year old? Seriously warms my heart...even when I've inherited a nervous eye twitch from all the sleep I've lost ;)

So nice to "meet" you today. I love that we have so much in common! I'm a new follower as well.